Coming together at a distance: Alaskans, we want to hear your stories about acts of kindness

Creekside Park Elementary staff paraded through their school’s nearby Anchorage neighborhood on March 27, waving to students and sharing encouraging messages as the coronavirus keeps classrooms closed. (Joey Mendolia/Alaska Public Media)

Alaskans, we want to hear your stories about how you, your neighbors and your community are helping each other and coming together  — at a distance — during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve heard and read about many acts of kindness so far: Teachers parading through the neighborhood in their cars to wave to their students. Alaskans walking through town in costumes to spread cheer. Stuffed bears in windows. Groceries delivered to neighbors. 

Now, we’d like to have Alaskans tell those stories in their own voices on the public radio network.

Share your story about an act of kindness in the form below, and we’ll be in touch. Or you can reach out to reporter Tegan Hanlon directly at or 907-550-8447. You can also record your story in a voice memo, and send it to Tegan by email.

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Tegan Hanlon is the digital managing editor at Alaska Public Media. Reach her at or 907-550-8447. Read more about Tegan here.

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