4 Alaska Startups: How they built it

Logo for Alaska Startup Week, Nov. 17-24, brings entrepreneurs, leaders and fans together to mentor and support new business ideas in Alaska. This is the fourth Alaska Startup Week, done in collaboration with TechStars, a business accelerator and global network of entrepreneurs.
From top, Alaska’s Best Shellfish, Alaska Salt Co., BabyVend and Alpine Fit. All are Alaska Startups.

An oyster farmer. A salt-from-the-sea company. An airport vending machine for all things baby. Custom-designed and Alaska-tested outdoor wear for women, manufactured right here in Anchorage.

These are four Alaska Startups that we’ll explore on the next Hometown Alaska. We’re timing the show to Alaska Startup Week, Nov. 18-24, which followed Startup Weekend, Nov. 15-17. Startup Week has events in Anchorage and eight other communities, including Fairbanks, Juneau, Seward, Kenai/Soldotna, Dillingham, Palmer, Homer and Kodiak. Alaska’s events are a collaboration with TechStars, a global network of entrepreneurs and a well-known startup accelerator out of Boulder, Colo.

Here’s what we want to know from these Alaska entrepreneurs: Where did their idea come from? How did they start? Are they self-funded or have they attracted investors? Are they making money yet? Why are they sure this idea is the one? Who has helped them? What mistakes have they made, and what did they learn from them?

Join us. And remember, calls and emails are welcome throughout the program.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Mike Irving, Alaska’s Best Shellfish
  • Jasmin Smith, Baby Vend
  • Casey Siekaniec, Alaska Salt Co.
  • Jennifer Loofbourrow, Alpine Fit



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