Mike Robbins

Age: 59

Family: Tetyana, Daniyil 23, Elizabeth 13, Richie 18

Occupation: Businessman

Previous government experience or community involvement: District 26 Chair Republican party, Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign, Fur Rondy Board, Chairman Anchorage Fourth of July Celebration, Challenge Alaska Board, President Captain Cook Jaycees, Republican Party of Alaska state central committee member, Pump up the Kids.

Highest level of education: High school

What is the latest book you’ve read? Or, what book do you recommend and why?: The 12 Rules for Life, by Jordon B. Peterson

COVID closures, cancelled civic and culture events and the decline of summer tourists have turned Anchorage’s downtown into “a ghost town.” How will you revitalize downtown Anchorage?

We will work with the Downtown Partnership to generate new ideas and initiatives so people will want to go downtown again. We have included, as a part of our 21st Century Vision for our city, the creation of a world class waterfront area at the port that will become the number one destination in Anchorage for locals and tourists.

Do you support a minimum wage of $15 for municipal workers? Why or why not?

No. I am not in support of raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Wages should be market driven and not artificially created by government.

What ideas do you have to ensure that the make-up of the municipal workforce reflects the diversity of the Anchorage community?

The municipality should not discriminate in its hiring practices in any way. The most qualified candidate should be hired regardless of gender, ethnicity or race. We will work with all communities to ensure we have a large pool of qualified candidates for every position.

With steep declines in revenue sharing from the state of Alaska, how will you support essential city services? Will this level of support be enough to attract future investment?

Our 21st Century Anchorage Vision will help us to solve our dependency on factors outside of our control. While contributions from the state and federal governments will always play a role we must as a city seek new and innovative ways to be in control of our own destiny. We will pay for the services we can afford and prioritize the resources we have to be sure that all essential services are covered.

Do you have a commitment to incorporate and utilize renewable energy sources?

Yes. As a part of our 21st Century Anchorage Vision we will install tidal turbines into the Knik bridge structure and allow nature to generate clean, beautiful renewable energy.

Anchorage has a shortage of housing at multiple income levels. What can you do to mitigate the problem and how will you influence housing development toward what the city needs?

Our 21st Century Anchorage Vision will open up thousands of acres of land for development for housing. This will allow our builders to build the homes we need at all levels.

The homeless crisis in Anchorage is persistent, disturbing and humanly tragic. How do you plan to help the municipality solve this crisis?

As mayor, I will demonstrate the resolve to bring together the multiple organizations that are currently addressing this crisis in Anchorage. We will use the resources of the municipal government to facilitate a public, private, faith-based and non-profit solution to the issue. We will ensure a clear and measurable plan is undertaken at all levels to stop and reverse the growth of homelessness in our city.

Anchorage is a university town with two institutions, one public and one private. What opportunities does this represent to the municipality?

Having two educational institutions in Anchorage of this caliber gives us the ability to train the work force that we will need as we develop our 21st Century Anchorage Vision. We will need medical workers and other educated workers in the workforce that will be the fuel powering our growth.

Can the mayor influence the tone of community dialogue? How?

In many ways, the mayor sets the tone of the community. What the mayor does and says and how the mayor governs sets the tone for our municipal government. As mayor it will be imperative that I demonstrate the passion, commitment and belief in our city that will take us forward into our 21st century Anchorage Vision.

Local builders continually complain about delays in the municipal permitting process, and that Title 21 requirements make homes expensive. The complaints are old. Will you make changes?

Yes, we will begin on day one to reorganize the permitting process and other municipal processes. Our goal will be to change the paradigm and the way we as a municipality see our role in the lives of the citizens of Anchorage.