I am an Alaska Native Healer | INDIE ALASKA

Amelia Simeonoff has been working in traditional healing most of her adult life after taking mentorship with one of Alaska’s most prominent Indigenous healers, Grandma Rita. Now she is using the practices of talking circles, drumming, and crafting to help Alaskans heal from trauma, generational trauma, mental health challenges, and feelings of suicide.

This episode was made possible in part by a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

Video by Matt Faubion, Jeff Chen, Kaylee King and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Story by Matt Faubion and Valerie Kern
Music by Universal Production Music

INDIE ALASKA is an original video series produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. The videos capture the diverse and colorful lifestyles of everyday Alaskans at work and at play. Together, these stories present a fresh and authentic look at living in Alaska.

Matt Faubion is a multimedia journalist at Alaska Public Media. Reach him at mfaubion@alaskapublic.org. Read more about Matt here.

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