Seward’s Sweet Darlings | INDIE ALASKA

Sugar and candy was in Hugh Darling’s blood. His grandmother, Emma Jean, owned and operated the first candy store in Seward in 1908. Hugh believed that one day he would go on to run the family business. In 1997, Hugh and his wife Iris, opened Sweet Darlings and quickly became one of Seward’s most popular tourist spots, providing visitors and residents freshly made candy and gelato using recipes from all over the world.

As Hugh and Iris reached their senior years, they hoped to sell Sweet Darlings to someone who loves sweets as much as they do. Eight months after first talking to INDIE ALASKA, Iris discovered AJ Seese, a former Sweet Darlings employee, now a young professional residing in Michigan with his wife Pam, who was looking to make a change in their lives.

Video and story by Daniel Hernandez

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