Officials Say White Powder At State Office Building Non-Hazardous

Officials now say there was no threat from a suspicious white powder found in a package at the State Office Building in Juneau on Friday.

The incident prompted the building to be evacuated shortly after 10 o’ clock this morning.

Juneau Fire Marshal Dan Jager says the FBI determined the substance was some sort of packing material.

“They were able to confirm with the company that was on the shipping label what it was,” Jager said. “And they were able to confirm that, yes, this company down south did send a box to that address, and it was a packaging material.”

FBI officials could not be reached for comment.

Governor Sean Parnell’s Spokeswoman Sharon Leighow says the package was sent by a pharmaceutical company from California and contained tax documents. Employees with the Department of Revenue on the 11th floor of the State Office Building opened it at about 9:45 this morning.

Leighow says four employees were thought to have been exposed to the substance.

The building was closed Friday while a hazmat team secured the package.

Leighow says it will re-open as usual on Monday.

Casey Kelly is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.

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