PBS American Portrait is an ongoing, evolving initiative that asks you, and people all over the country, to submit your individual stories by responding to one of a number of thought provoking prompts. Whether it’s joy or sorrow, triumph or hardship, family traditions you’ve followed for decades or just the chaos of the morning school run, we want to put together a picture of life as it’s really lived, today. It’s a chance for you to give us a glimpse into your life, and a chance for you to be heard.

This is a major opportunity to make history by creating a communal space where people can share, explore and listen. Everyone is welcome — the more stories we tell, the more we’ll see a real, complex, fascinating portrait of America.

Tell your American Portrait or hear from other Alaskans pbs.org/american-portrait.

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In this episode of Alaska Insight we explore some of what it means to be an Alaskan in this time of social and political unrest and how we can come together to create an Alaska that is a leader in the nation for equity, health, and wellness. We also share some of the Alaskan contributions to the PBS American Portrait project.


Emily American Portrait


“I took a risk when I moved to Alaska to go to the University of Alaska Anchorage.”

– Emily


Delores American Portrait


“A day’s work is Looking after the animals on the family farm and working together to run the family business. Visitors to Alaska receive a unique experience while tent and RV camping or staying in our historical suites and cabins.”

– Delores


Jess American Portrait


“A day’s work is getting up early and getting the raft out on the water, taking people to see the wildlife of Alaska.”

– Jess


Oscar American Portrait


“When I step outside my door i see miles of tundra and there can be some amazing blueberries found out there during the fall.”

– Oscar