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Alaska water can be teeming with Giardia, as this science writer knows well

Giardia are a one-celled creature that get inside mammals — science columnists included — and multiply by the millions.
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Harmful algal blooms can be lethal for humans. Scientists wonder if they cause seabird die-offs, too.

Over a million murres died about five years ago, coinciding with a major marine heat wave. Scientists suspect that high PSP levels may have also contributed the unusual die off and they're trying to find answers in Unalaska.
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Installation of long-awaited water plant underway in Tuluksak

A long-awaited water plant has arrived in Tuluksak after a fire destroyed the community’s only source of running water back in January 2021. Efforts to ship the new portable water plant to Tuluksak have been underway since the winter.
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Tuluksak got a special water treatment system meant for the whole village. Only the school was using it.

Entry into the school was restricted on due to concerns about health hazards and disruption of the school day.
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Tuluksak gets access to running water 45 days after fire destroyed its only clean water source

A fire destroyed the community’s water purification plant and washeteria in mid-January. From then until the first week of March, residents had been living on donations of bottled water.
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After weeks of water woes, Angoon gets Coast Guard assist

In Angoon, recent cold temperatures exacerbated ongoing issues with the town’s water supply. The Coast Guard stepped in to help by delivering bottled water to the community of around 450 people
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Dozens of homes, water treatment plant are without power in Selawik

As of Tuesday morning, 150 homes, an apartment complex and the water treatment plant were without power.
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‘People really pulled together’: Volunteers help fix Nenana’s frozen-up water plant

After Nenana’s water-treatment plant froze up Monday, leaving about 150 homes without water, city workers and volunteers got the system back up and running in about 12 hours.
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Gov. Dunleavy issues emergency declaration for Tuluksak water crisis

The declaration comes nearly a month after a fire destroyed the village’s only source of drinking water. In the interim, residents of Tuluksak have been drinking bottled water donated by private citizens and businesses.
Black smoke biillows from the skeleton of a building in a snowy parea

3 weeks later, Tuluksak is without running water or disaster relief

It’s been three weeks since a fire destroyed Tuluksak’s only source of drinking water. Since then, the village has been living on donations of bottled water from...
Peoplpe gather around a burning building in a snowy area

3 weeks after fire, state still hasn’t provided disaster funds for Tuluksak water crisis

Gov. Dunleavy has yet to declare a state-level disaster to address Tuluksak’s water crisis. In doing so, he’s holding back up to $1 million in disaster relief funding for the village.
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Water donations trickle into Tuluksak but may not be enough for village in crisis

After the Southwest Alaska village's water plant burned in a fire two weeks ago, Tuluksak's residents are struggling to find a solution to their crisis.
Peoplpe gather around a burning building in a snowy area

No easy answers after fire destroys Tuluksak’s water supply

The temporary well being used at the school pulls up water from the Tuluksak River, which isn’t safe to drink.
Black smoke biillows from the skeleton of a building in a snowy parea

Tuluksak without water, laundry after fire destroys washeteria

Donated bottled water in Bethel is ready to be shipped out on the next plane, but Tuluksak’s runway has been unusable because of weather conditions. The man who usually plows it is in Anchorage being treated for COVID-19.
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Officials work to clean diesel spill at Selawik water treatment plant

According to a release from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the spill originated Nov. 25 at a fuel tank for the village’s water treatment plant.
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Largely insulated from COVID-19, Unalaska is watching its wastewater for signs of trouble

As part of its mitigation strategies, in July the island began testing its wastewater for traces of COVID-19, mirroring efforts by universities and municipalities across the country.
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Without running water, Stebbins improvises sanitation amid COVID-19 outbreak

With hand washing stations made from buckets and locally-made bleach, communities are doing the best they can to cope with coronavirus cases.
Cruise shipts docked one behind the other

Scientists hope to find what water quality like without cruise ships

The data will provide a baseline for ensuing years once the cruise industry starts back up.

Ghosts of 1918 pandemic haunt Bering Straits villages as they face COVID-19 without water or sewer

In rural Alaska villages with no water or sewer and hard to find hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, following the CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of disease requires "being a MacGyver at all times."

Bethel restaurant owners consider closing down, returning to Korea

Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta communities are giving their residents a break on their water and sewer bills to offer financial relief, as well as provide more water for residents to wash their hands and their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.