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Proposed Bill Would Expand Denali KidCare Program

Thursday, senators began looking at a bill that would expand the Denali KidCare program to include more children. It is basically the same bill that passed the legislature in 2010 that he governor vetoed.

LGBT Rights Ballot Measure in Anchorage

There will be another try to pass a gay rights ordinance in Anchorage. The closest it got was to be passed by the Assembly and vetoed by Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Capital Budget Veto Update; Coastal Zone Management Dies; and Alaska Pipeline Woes

July 1 at 2:00pm on KSKA 91.1FM and 7:30pm on KAKM, Channel 7 television Gov. Sean Parnell vetoes $400 million from the capital budget; Coastal Zone Management Program dies in a special session of the Legislature; Anchorage Superintendent of Schools Carol Comeau announces her retirement, and more.

Parnell Finalizes Operating and Capital Budgets

On Wednesday, Governor Sean Parnell finalized the state's operating and capital projects budgets.

Alaska News Nightly: June 29, 2011

Parnell Finalizes Operating and Capital Budgets, Parnell’s Budget Cuts Were Expected, Alaskans Asked for Feedback on Chukchi Oil Spill Impact Plan, Study Show New Details on Declining Oil Throughput in TAPS, and more...

House Rejects Coastal Management Bill

The State House Tuesday rejected a bill to extend the state's coastal management program. The measure passed by the Senate late yesterday failed by an 18 to 18 vote in the House.

Alaska News Nightly: June 28, 2011

Parnell Vows to Veto Coastal Management Bill, Parnell Proposes to ‘Secure Alaska’s Future Initiative – Oil’, Estimate of Cook Inlet Natural Gas Reserves Increased by 10x, NASA Wraps Up ICESCAPE Mission, and more...

Parnell Vetoes Ban on Felons Serving on State Boards and Commissions

Governor Parnell has vetoed legislation that would bar a convicted felon from serving on a state government board or commission unless the conviction has been set aside.

Alaska News Nightly: June 20, 2011

House Rejects Special Session for Coastal Management Program, Alaska Dispatch Hosts Arctic Imperative Summit, Navy Officials Meet to Plan for Diminished Arctic Ice, Roadless Rule Exemptions Still Unclear, and more...

Parnell Begins Looking Over State Budget

The vetoes are beginning to come from Governor Sean Parnell.

Parnell Says Capital Budget Vetoes Will Be Substantial

Gov. Sean Parnell says his vetoes of the capital budget will be substantial. He told the Associated Press he is still holding to his $2.8 billion goal, meaning he wants to take $400 million out of the construction budget.

Energy Funds Headed to Alaska

The US Energy Department has sent the first half of a $28 million federal stimulus grant for energy projects.  It arrived only two...

Legislature Override’s Palin Veto; Confirms Campbell

The Legislature met in a special session on Monday in Anchorage and voted to override former Gov. Sarah Palin's veto of federal stimulus funds....

Alaska News Nightly: August 10, 2009

Photo by Lori Townsend. APRN - Anchorage The special session drew supporters and opponents to the streets of Anchorage. Individual news stories are posted in the...