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VPA presents the musical Cotton Patch Gospel

Cotton Patch Gospel presents a retelling of the The Book of Matthew but this time with folk and bluegrass music and set in Georgia. Join Stage Talk guests Director Henry Woodall and Todd Broste who plays Matthew as they give Jean and Steven an insight into this intriguing and entertaining play which opens November 23rd and runs through December 23rd at Valley Performing Arts in Wasilla. KSKA: Friday 11/23 at 2:45 pm

DeathTrap at VPA

Think you know what's going on? Guess again. And again. Valley Performing Arts brings to the stage one of the most popular comedy-thrillers in recent years in Deathtrap, Ira Levin's Tony Award nominated play. Director, Vanessa Warner and Tammy Parker from VPA join host Jean Paal to talk about the show. KSKA: Friday 10/19 at 2:45 pm

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

“Does your dog bite?” “No.” “Ouch! I thought you said your dog did not bite!” “That is not my dog…” Who can forget classic lines like this? Join Stage Talk host Steve and Jean as they talk about Valley Performing Arts ’s upcoming production of one of the classic Pink Panther films translated to the stage by William Gleason. KSKA: Friday 9/7 at 2:45 pm

The Trip to Bountiful

This week on Stage Talk, director Elizabeth Hanson talks about Valley Performing Arts' production of The Trip to Bountiful. Written in 1953 by Horton Foote, who also wrote the play To Kill a Mockingbird, (based on the book written by Harper Lee), this play became an award-winning movie in 1985. The Trip to Bountiful opens tonight in Wasilla and runs through May 27. KSKA: Friday 5/11 at 2:45 pm

12 Angry Jurors

Actors Deb Blanchard and Warren Foster join us this week on Stage Talk to talk about 12 Angry Jurors opening February 10 at Valley Performing Arts in Wasilla. KSKA: Friday 1/27 at 2:45 pm

God’s Favorite at VPA

A Neil Simon comedy, loosely based on the story of Job, God's Favorite opens January 6 at Valley Performing Arts. This week on Stage Talk, Todd Broste who plays a messenger from God - "Sydney Liptop" - stops by to talk about the upcoming show in Wasilla. KSKA: Friday 12/30 at 2:45 pm

Contemporary Christmas at VPA and TBA Theater

Join Stage Talk hosts Mark and Jean as they chat with Shane Mitchell and John Fremin about two contemporary adaptations of Christmas plays running in Anchorage and Wasilla this holiday season. KSKA: Friday 12/9 2:45 pm

The Woman in Black at VPA

Two man cast: Ted Carney (left) and DJ Rotach (right) at VPA rehearsals in Wasilla. Photo by Joyce Martin, JAG Creations. Just in time for Halloween, a ghost play, The Woman in Black opens next week at Valley Performing Arts. Executive director of VPA, Garry Forrester joins hosts Mark and Jean to discuss this spine tingling thriller, sure to leave you spooked. KSKA: Friday 10/7 at 2:45 pm

“It Runs in The Family” at Valley Peforming Arts

The play is set three days before Christmas. In the Doctor's Common Room of St. Andrew's Hospital in London, David Mortimore is composing the speech he will give to a distinguished gathering of neurologists, a speech which may well make or break his career.

Valley Performing Arts Season 36

Friday, August 19 @ 2:45 pm Born in a log cabin church on the Alaska State Fair Grounds, Valley Performing Arts continues to grow and remains Alaska's longest standing community theater. Season 36 kicks off in September with "It Runs In The Family," a play by Ray Cooney. Hear what else is coming up this season at VPA, this week on KSKA's Stage Talk.