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A health worker in a blue gown swabs travelers waiting in line outside the bethel airport

With emergency declaration set to end, Bethel leaders fear airport testing program could be shut down

In a private conversation Bethel Mayor Michelle DeWitt urged Gov. Mike Dunleavy to extend the disaster declaration so that the city could keep testing arriving passengers, as a surge in COVID-19 cases rocks the region.
A village in a riverine, boggy area as seen from the air

Nunapitchuk turns to tradition after COVID-19 outbreak

The village of Nunapitchuk went into strict lockdown after it discovered positive cases, but also used traditional medicine.
A village as seen from a marsh below it

Amid raging COVID-19 outbreak, most Y-K villages give up privacy for safety

The state of Alaska doesn't release the names of villages with a population under 1000, but regional health authorities hope that naming the villages will help encourage people to take more precautions.
A village at the end of a marshs

‘A wake up call’ COVID-19 cases in Maniilaq service area doubled in October

Residents of Kotzebue made up a large majority of the cases, with 96 residents testing positive. The villages of Buckland and Noatak also saw spikes.
A stop sign on a small road with wooden buildings and rain on the

Canada’s relaxes COVID-19 border rules for Alaskans in Hyder

The Southeast Alaska town’s only road out runs through British Columbia and since March, its residents hadn't been allowed to cross the border.
A hand with a blue glove drops a test tube in a ziploc bag held by two green hands.

Due to national shortage, health workers in Western Alaska are forced to reuse gloves

Workers are wearing the same gloves for up to six patients and sanitizing the gloves with alcohol-based hand sanitizer between patients.
A grey, weathered, single room building in the middle of a grasssy field

Without running water, Stebbins improvises sanitation amid COVID-19 outbreak

With hand washing stations made from buckets and locally-made bleach, communities are doing the best they can to cope with coronavirus cases.
A grey building on a dirt road

12 new COVID-19 cases reported in Stebbins

The report comes after two weeks without a case in the Norton Sound community.
A blue house next to a gravel road. A four wheeler is parked out fronot

Quinhagak reports 20 new cases of COVID-19

The community has about 700 people.
A coast guard cutter mooring at a dock with mountains in the background

Kodiak Coast Guard base reports COVID-19 cases

Two of the six cases were reported in children.
Three relatively small windmills turn above small, one-story homes. Green grass in the foreground and thick fog in the background .

COVID-19 cases send Gambell into lockdown

A VPSO is patrolling the community to limit contact between residents.
A man in a blue hospital gown and a blue surgical mask passes a swab to a man in a blue hoody from across the table

Flying to Bethel? You could win $1,000 if you get tested for COVID-19

But the number of passengers getting tested at the airport hasn’t changed.
a river with a small town on the oxbow as seen from an airpllane.

Buckland sees large spike of COVID-19 with 11 new cases

All of the cases are currently isolating in Buckland, according to local health officials.
About ten runners in shorts and tshirts pose in front of a bay with a rainbow in the background

Petersburg cross country team adapts to COVID-19 restrictions with virtual 5K

Runners on Petersburg High School’a cross country team gather under a rainbow at Sandy Beach at the end of a practice run. (Photo courtesy...
A man in a blue hospital gown and a blue surgical mask passes a swab to a man in a blue hoody from across the table

Bethel mandates face masks in public and airport testing

The move follows discussions about the city's legal authority to enforce such mandates.

In Ketchikan archives, a glimpse into the 1918 flu and lessons for preserving the history of COVID-19

Scenes from newspapers at the time of the 1918 Pandemic describe a hospitality sector that was devastated by the flu and scenes eerily similar to the COVID-19 pandemic.
A white sign on a wall says "Trash isn't traditional/Keep Angoon beautiful)

With six new cases in one day, Angoon goes into lockdown

The new cases take Angoon’s total to eight, prompting Mayor Joshua Bowen to issue an emergency order requiring all travelers to the community to self-isolate for two weeks on arrival.
Seen from a distance, a boat pulls a abloated whale that is half-way submerged in water

Dead whales wash up near Unalaska, but pandemic complicates necropsies

The two dead whales that were recently reported included a relatively rare fin whale.
A caribou in a swampy area with pondss in the background

Northwest Arctic Borough pushes for restricting outside hunters over COVID-19 concerns

But hunting guides say the risk of COVID-19 exposure is low and the fears are overblown.
An aerial image of Angoon shows buildings on a small peninsula next to several other inlets.

Angoon reports its first case of COVID-19

The Admiralty Island village of around 450 people has asked residents to “hunker down and avoid contact with anyone outside of their household until further notice.”