UAF innovation breaks down PFAS chemicals

The new technology has the potential to break down the persistent PFAS chemicals, which are found in many consumer products and are thought to cause adverse human health effects.

Pentagon is paying to extend North Pole’s water system due to PFAS contamination in wells

The Pentagon is paying for the nearly $30 million project because the substance that contaminated the groundwater beneath Moose Creek came from Eielson Air Force Base. The perflourinated chemical compound called PFAS likely came from the use of firefighting foam at the base.

State moves forward with plans to address PFAS contamination in Dillingham

An Anchorage-based consulting firm tested five of six contaminated wells south of the Dillingham airport — it's now moving forward on the next phase of a potential long-term solution.

Despite contamination, state will continue using PFAS-linked firefighting foam

Local officials and the grassroots Gustavus PFAS Action Coalition have asked for contaminating foams to be removed from the local airport, but state officials say it's not that simple.

Explained: What are PFAS compounds and how can they affect human health?

Found in various items from firefighting foam to household cleaning products and even food containers, PFAS are persistent "forever...

PFAS contamination in Alaska | Alaska Insight

Found in various items from firefighting foam to household cleaning products and even food containers, PFAS are persistent "forever chemicals" that bioaccumulate over time. Drinking water sources in several Alaska communities are contaminated with PFAS.

LISTEN: How dangerous are PFAS chemicals and what’s being done to clean them up?

Found in everything from firefighting foam to household cleaning products and even food containers, PFAS are persistent and bio accumulate over time. How dangerous are they to human health and what’s being done to clean them up?

DEC agrees to test for more PFAS chemicals

Across Alaska, PFAS from fire suppressant foams ended up in wells near airports and military facilities. Now, residents in these communities are getting state-supplied bottled water delivered.

Extensive new report details cancer-causing PFAS toxins across Alaska

A group of environmental advocacy organizations says the extent of contamination and emerging research around PFAS constitutes a significant health concern for Alaskans.

Yakutat officials wary of state’s PFAS double standard

The EPA recommends testing for more than a dozen different PFAS compounds. Which is what DEC did when it first tested in Yakutat back in February. But in the months between the two tests, Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration directed DEC to change its regulations.

Governor’s top staff directed Alaska’s rollback of PFAS regulations

The Dunleavy administration’s decision to defer to the EPA over safe levels of PFAS chemicals in drinking water came at the direction of the governor’s top aides. That’s according to dozens of redacted emails released following records requests.

Yakutat officials in the dark over PFAS contamination

State officials say they’ll soon begin shipping water to Yakutat after PFAS contamination was found in wells near the Southeast city’s state-owned airport. But local...

Dissent at DEC emerges over roll-back of PFAS regulations

The Dunleavy administration’s decision to redefine PFAS levels considered safe in drinking water has caused dissension among a senior staffer working on contaminated sites. Lawmakers are scheduled to hold a hearing on the issue later this week.

State dials back PFAS response standard

The state has rolled back a stricter PFAS drinking water contamination standard, and suspended development of new regulations for the chemicals.

Senate bill prods EPA on PFAS contamination

PFAS have been discovered in more than a dozen Alaska communities, particularly in water wells. A U.S. Senate bill aims to make PFAS-contaminated sites eligible for Superfund cleanup.

Chemicals in firefighting foam contaminate groundwater at King Salmon Airport

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation discovered another Bristol Bay well contaminated with perflourinated substances.

Dillingham well tests positive for PFAS contamination

The Department of Transportation says it was recently alerted to potentially harmful chemicals contaminating a drinking water source near the Dillingham airport.

Gustavus households offered safe drinking water after latest PFAS scare

It’s a growing national issue: A foam used to suppress oil fires can leach into the environment and contaminate groundwater. Listen now

EPA administrator Pruitt pledges to combat PFAS groundwater contamination

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt has pledged action to address PFAS ground water contamination. Listen now