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Anchorage Mayor extends ‘hunker down’ order and delays tax day

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz announced today the city is extending the hunker down order until April 14 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Two crew men shovel a deck full of fish on board a large boat

State proposes $100 million loan guarantee program as hundreds of Alaska businesses seek approval for out-of-state workers

Some 600 business entities have filed plans with the state outlining how they'll safely bring out-of-state workers into Alaska to support "critical infrastructure" amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials said Wednesday.
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State Senate approves $1,000 stimulus checks

The Alaska Senate passed the state budget on Monday, including a $1,000 economic stimulus payment to everyone who received a permanent fund dividend last year.

JBER declares emergency after seven test positive for COVID-19

Seven people have tested positive for coronavirus at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson testing center, according to a Facebook post on Sunday night.

‘An actual dream’: Norwegian musher Thomas Waerner notches his first Iditarod victory

Thomas Waerner is the winner of a race hobbled by the coronavirus, which became a global pandemic as mushers raced to the finish line.
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz at a COVID-19 press conference in Anchorage in March.

Anchorage suspends restaurant dining, bar service

Mayor Berkowitz has banned dine-in service for food and drink at restaurants, bars and breweries. The order also closes gyms, bingo halls and theaters, and it bans gatherings of more than 50 people.

Our 16 favorite photos of frosty Iditarod mushers and fuzzy muzzles

With temperatures plunging deep into the negatives on Tuesday, mushers and dogs sported a coating of frost when they pulled into Nikolai, a small village about a quarter of the way into the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Iditarod mushers say the trail to Nikolai was so smooth that it even put some of them to sleep

The roughly 80-mile stretch from Rohn to Nikolai usually has has some of the worst trail conditions anywhere along the 1,000-mile route. But not this year.

Meet Sean Underwood, the musher who found out last week he’d be racing the 2020 Iditarod

Four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King tapped Underwood, a 28-year-old from Atlanta, to take over his sled dog team after he had emergency surgery.
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‘The best trail I’ve ever seen’: Iditarod teams rest in the sun at Rainy Pass as they settle into the competition

Although they battled storms and deep snow the first dozen miles, many mushers said the trail ascending the Alaska Range to the Rainy Pass checkpoint was as good as they ever remember it.

Dunleavy urges calm as a volatile economy and tourism warnings add to Alaska coronavirus anxiety

As the coronavirus continued to cause havoc for the global economy Monday in ways that threaten the stability of Alaska's budget, the Permanent Fund and tourism, Governor Mike Dunleavy called a news conference to soothe Alaskans' anxiety.

Meet 4 Iditarod rookies who say they’re putting years of training to the test

Among the 57 mushers, a dozen are rookies competing in the Iditarod for the first time.
Grey and white sled dogs howl in nblack harnesses

Our favorite 20 photos from the Iditarod ceremonial start in Anchorage

Dozens of mushers and hundreds of sled dogs paraded through Anchorage on Saturday.

Hilcorp revived this declining North Slope oil field. Can it do the same for Prudhoe Bay?

While many North Slope fields are only the decline, production at Hilcorp's Milne Point has actually increased by huge amounts. Now, the company is acquiring the massive Prudhoe Bay field, raising hopes of a similar revival there.

Musher Jeff King pulls out of Iditarod because of health emergency, rookie handler will run his team

Hours after a live event in Anchorage, the veteran musher was in the ER for what looked like a hernia, but turned out to be much more serious.

Change of plans due to coronavirus? Alaska Airlines is temporarily suspending cancellation and change fees.

Alaska Airlines will allow passengers to change or cancel bookings without penalty for the next two weeks in response to travel concerns from coronavirus.

Feds nab 82 illegal guns after months of investigating traffickers

Federal officials say an investigation into drug and weapons traffickers has led to charges against more than a dozen individuals in the Anchorage area.

Pebble is proposing to offset its impacts to wetlands through sewer repairs

Offsetting a project’s potential impacts to wetlands usually means restoring or protecting wetlands that serve the same purpose as those being altered or destroyed by development. But Pebble is proposing to do something different.

After years of poor conditions, welcome news for hunters: Bering Sea ice looks normal

Rick Thoman, a climatologist, called it "a big change from the last couple of years and good news for the region.”