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Housing for health

Over 1.5 million Americans experience homelessness in any given year.  They face numerous health risks and are disproportionately represented among the highest users of costly hospital-based acute care.  Providing supportive housing is one way to treat homelessness that can potentially improve health, reduced costs, and decrease hospital utilization. Tune in and join co-host Dr. Jay Butler and his guests, Dr. Monica Gross and Dr. Dick Mandsager for a lively discussion of Housing for Health. Thanks for listening!

Study Shows Drinking Goes Down in ‘Housing First’ Facilities

Recent studies show that housing street alcoholics is cheaper than letting them fend for themselves. But a new study shows that's not the only benefit -- they're finding that tenants also drink less.

GIFT Draws 5,000 In-Need Families

This week the Food Bank and Salvation Army, along with Marine Corps Toys for Tots held Neighborhood GIFT. The annual event drew nearly 5,000 families in need to six locations for holiday dinner fixings and toys.

Anchorage’s Hidden Homeless

Much media attention directed to Anchorage’s homeless situation has centered on the heavy numbers flocking to the Brother Francis Shelter during the November cold spell as well as last week’s opening of Karluk Manor for high, at risk chronic alcoholics living on the street. But they are not the bulk of the city’s homeless. Most of Anchorage’s homeless are families, who for various reasons are often unseen, difficult to number and often harder to help. KSKA: Monday 12/12 at 1:00 pm Saturday 12/17 at 6:30 pm

Karluk Manor is Proving Popular with Street People

Last week residents begin checking into Karluk Manor, the newly converted motel that is now a housing complex for chronic alcohol abusers, in particular those living on the streets, temporary shelters or illegal campsites. For the residents, the facility represents warmth, safety, a new chance and some rules.

Homeless Youth In Alaska

Half of the population of homeless people in Anchorage are children under the age of 12, and the rate of rural teens coming into urban areas for services is on the rise. Who is helping these kids and what can be done in our state to reduce the number of those without a permenant place to sleep each night? Guests David Mayo-Kiely from the Children in Transition/Homeless program at the Anchorage School District and Lauren Rice from Covenant House Alaska join host Shana Sheehy to discuss. KSKA: Tuesday, 11/15 at 2pm and 7pm.

Bean’s Cafe Basks in Color

Bean's Cafe in Anchorage is undergoing a multi-colored transformation. This week three painting crews are redoing the walls of the decades old food kitchen for the poor and homeless. It's part of nationwide campaign by the U.S. Council of Mayors and Benjamin Moore Paints.

Woman Found Dead in Midtown Anchorage

Another street person has died outdoors in Anchorage. It happened behind a supermarket in midtown, and determination of the cause of death awaits toxicology test results. Lena Theresa Joseph, 44, didn't wake up Tuesday morning.

PFD Amount Announced; and the North Slope Borough Selecting a New Mayor

The top stories of the week are: the announcement of the PFD; the North Slope Borough is selecting a new mayor; towing and impounding in Anchorage; wilderness designation within ANWR; “Rogue;” Pebble opposition finds religion; Anchorage’s homeless survey; Kohring and Kott retrials.

Volunteers Hope to ID Most At Risk Homeless

Next week, volunteers will spread across Anchorage to survey and identify the most at-risk individuals of the city’s chronic homeless. The ultimate objective is to place as many of these vulnerable individuals as possible into housing before winter.

Anchorage Assembly Postpones Mayor’s Sidewalk Sitting Proposal

The Anchorage Assembly has shelved a proposal by Mayor Dan Sullivan to restrict sitting on sidewalks and panhandling downtown.

Alaska News Nightly: July 27, 2011

Young Would Vote ‘Yes’ On Boehner’s Plan, Federal Employee Union Concerned About Deficit Battles, Last Minute Offers May Keep Alaska Newspapers Alive, Navy to Sink Two Ships Per Year in Gulf Exercises, and more...

Anchorage Mayor Proposes Limiting Downtown Sidewalk Sitting

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is proposing an ordinance banning sitting or lying on downtown sidewalks. This is happening as a homeless man has been camped out in front of City Hall protesting the shutdown of homeless camps.

Alaska News Nightly: July 22, 2011

Congress Still Has No Deal for National Debt, Partial FAA Shutdown Imminent; Anchorage Mayor Proposes Limiting Downtown Sidewalk Sitting; EPA Releases Two Draft Permits for Offshore Projects; Missing Railroad Employee’s Body Found Near Healy; and more...

National Debt Default; Mayor Sullivan Takes On Protester; Public Safety Commissioner Charged with Rape

Friday, July 22 at 2:00pm on KSKA 91.1FM and Friday, July 22 at 7:30pm on KAKM, Channel 7 television The U.S. risks defaulting on the national debt come August; Don Young is absent from Washington D.C. during the the debate; Mayor Sullivan takes on a homeless sidewalk protester with a criminal history; a Anchorage's Public Safety Advisory Commissioner was arrested for rape; the possible effects on Alaska if the U.S. defaults on its debt, and Joe Miller says he won't appeal $17,200 in legal fees he owes the state after his failed election lawsuits.

Fairbanks Man Hit By Train

Police report that the individual was lying on the tracks in the Old Steese retail area Tuesday.

Anchorage City Workers Begin Cleaning Out Homeless Camps

Anchorage city workers collected piles of dirty blankets, beer cans and other belongings from two homeless camps Saturday, as part of the city's crackdown on homeless camps. Police officers had earlier warned homeless squatters to leave parks and greenbelts.