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An oil platform in ocean

Hilcorp picks up more acreage in Cook Inlet for oil and gas development

Hilcorp snapped up more than 100,000 acres in Cook Inlet for additional oil and gas development at federal and state lease sales held Wednesday. Listen now
An oil platform in ocean

Hilcorp will assess Cook Inlet gas line after “permanent” fix

Hilcorp operation managers were in Kenai Friday to speak at an Alliance luncheon. Cook Inlet Offshore Operations Manager Stan Golis updated the pro-oil industry group on recent oil and gas leaks. Listen now
An oil platform in ocean

Only 3 gallons spilled from Hilcorp platform in April…and it wasn’t crude

The state has concluded that just three gallons of liquid escaped from one of Hilcorp’s platforms into Cook Inlet in early April. Listen now

Hilcorp announces project to bypass oil terminal by Redoubt volcano

An environmental group is praising oil and gas company Hilcorp after it announced a new pipeline project in Cook Inlet. Hilcorp said the project would eliminate the need to store oil at the Drift River Terminal. Listen now

Cook Inlet gas leak sparks debate over Hilcorp’s Arctic drilling plans

Last week, Hilcorp was finally able to fix a fuel line in Cook Inlet that regulators say started leaking gas in December. But the oil and gas company and its allies are still struggling to contain another issue: environmental groups, which argue that Hilcorp’s problems in Cook Inlet disqualify the company from drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Listen now

Hilcorp completes repairs on Cook Inlet gas line leak

A natural gas leak in Cook Inlet has finally been repaired, more than three months after it began. Listen now
A swirl in the ocean

Repairs begin on Hilcorp’s leaking Cook Inlet gas line

Dive teams are finally working to repair Hilcorp’s leaking natural gas pipeline in Cook Inlet. Listen now
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Hilcorp shuts down third pipeline in Cook Inlet

The federal agency charged with regulating pipelines and hazardous materials is looking into another natural gas leak on a Hilcorp platform in Cook Inlet. Listen now

Cook Inlet leaks draw more scrutiny for Hilcorp and its aging infrastructure

State regulators on Monday announced an oil leak from an underwater pipeline owned by Hilcorp in Cook Inlet was halted successfully. Listen now

Hilcorp reports another leak in Cook Inlet; this time it’s oil

The dominant oil and gas producer in Cook Inlet has shut down production at two of its platforms after discovering an oil spill.

Hilcorp shuts down oil platforms to address Cook Inlet gas leak

Hilcorp announced Saturday (March 25) that after discussions with Alaska Governor Bill Walker, it’s shutting down two oil platforms in Cook Inlet in response to an ongoing leak from a gas line. The pipeline carries natural gas from shore to power four oil platforms in Cook Inlet. Two of the platforms have already been shut down. Listen now

State fines Hilcorp an additional $160K for violations

The state is fining oil and gas company Hilcorp an additional $160,000 for using nitrogen without permission while working on two wells in 2015 — the same practice that nearly killed three North Slope workers. Listen now

Calls for Hilcorp to shut down leaking Cook Inlet gas line get louder

An ongoing natural gas leak in Cook Inlet is sparking a debate over pipeline safety. Hilcorp, the responsible company, said it can’t shut off the flow of gas through the pipeline without risking an oil spill. But a number of environmental groups disagree. Listen now

State reduces Hilcorp fine for worker safety incident

The state is fining oil and gas company Hilcorp $200,000 for a 2015 incident that nearly killed three workers on the North Slope. The final order amount, which was released today (Mar. 3), is a significant reduction from the $720,000 penalty the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission proposed last year. Listen now
A swirl in the ocean

State demands Hilcorp monitor environmental impact of Cook Inlet gas leak

The state is asking oil and gas company Hilcorp to dramatically step up environmental monitoring near a natural gas leak in Cook Inlet. Listen now
A swirl in the ocean

Ice in Cook Inlet likely to delay fix to Hilcorp gas leak for weeks

Hilcorp recently informed state regulators that the company is unlikely to begin repairs on a gas leak in Cook Inlet until mid- to late March. Listen now

Environmental group to sue Hilcorp over Cook Inlet gas leak

Hilcorp's leaking gas pipeline in Cook Inlet is drawing concern from environmental groups and state and federal agencies. Listen now

EPA fines BP, Hilcorp for spills on the North Slope

BP Exploration Alaska and Hilcorp Alaska have agreed to pay fines after spilling oil and waste on the North Slope. Listen now

State fines Hilcorp $20K, cites pattern of violations

Hilcorp Alaska is facing a $20,000 penalty from the state for unsafe use of equipment on the North Slope. It's the latest in a string of violations for Hilcorp, which a state agency says has developed a pattern of regulatory noncompliance.

Hilcorp plans gravel island to extract Arctic offshore oil

Arctic offshore drilling by Royal Dutch Shell PLC drew protests on two continents this year, but a more modest proposal for extracting petroleum where polar bears roam has moved forward with much less attention.