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Hilcorp, BP want many of their answers to state regulators’ questions kept confidential

The companies are petitioning the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to keep a list of documents and other information confidential, including details about whether the recent turmoil in the industry has impacted Hilcorp’s ability to pay for the $5.6 billion deal.

As it prepares to exit the state, BP donates nonprofit meeting space in Anchorage to community foundation

The Alaska Community Foundation says it will maintain the energy center as a free meeting space for at least the next 20 years.

Alaskans split over proposed BP sale during six hours of public comment

The meeting Tuesday marked the first time Alaskans could provide in-person comments to the state regulatory commission that's overseeing a portion of the pending $5.6 billion sale.

Agency overseeing BP-Hilcorp deal will hold public hearing, denying companies’ request

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska, which is overseeing Hilcorp's purchase of BP's stake in the trans-Alaska pipeline, plans to hold a six-hour public hearing on the deal next month.
The BP Building in Anchorage.

Economists say the loss of BP jobs will be significant, but ‘not disastrous’ for Alaska’s economy

BP, which has been a major employer in Alaska for decades, is planning to sell all of its assets in the state to Hilcorp, a smaller, private company.

Alaska governor creates oversight committee for BP sale

“The purpose is to make sure the State of Alaska and its people are represented as this transaction moves forward,” said the governor’s office.

About half of BP’s Alaska employees have accepted a job with Hilcorp

BP intends to sell its entire Alaska business to Hilcorp for $5.6 billion.

Lawmakers quiz state regulators on $5.6B Hilcorp, BP deal

House and Senate Resources committee members asked about everything from layoffs to whether Hilcorp has the financial resources to manage the assets it wants to take over.

Our reporter is trying to learn more about Hilcorp. Here’s how you can help.

Alaska's Energy Desk reporter Nat Herz is exploring Hilcorp's company culture as it's set to become one of the biggest players in Alaska's oil industry. He's written an open letter to Hilcorp employees asking for their help.

Alaska utility regulators ask Hilcorp, BP for more details on $5.6B deal

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska is asking the companies for five new sets of documents. They include the purchase and sale agreement, charts detailing the companies' corporate ownership and operating structure, and additional financial statements.

Hilcorp paid a $25,000 fine after a worker died last year on its North Slope drilling rig

Shawn Huber, 36, died at the Milne Point field when a drilling rig’s operator accidentally opened a set of hydraulic jaws and dropped a 700-pound, 31-foot section of drilling pipe that struck Huber in the head. The operator was distracted, according to the investigation, because he was training a colleague.

Dunleavy administration wants to join court case in defense of Hilcorp’s search for Cook Inlet oil

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration is coming to the aid of an oil company’s plans to search for oil in Cook Inlet, in the face of a lawsuit filed by environmental organizations.

As BP exits Alaska, 1,600 employees are waiting to find out what’s next

BP has operated in Alaska for over half a century and has long had a hand in running the state’s biggest oilfield, Prudhoe Bay. The oil company’s plans to exit the state has left hundreds of workers like McFarland in limbo.

Whale researchers express deep concern over Hilcorp’s seismic survey

Hilcorp is using air guns to explore the lower Cook Inlet for oil and gas — but some researchers say it will cause irreversible damage to whales and other marine wildlife.

Hilcorp clears some regulatory hurdles to conduct a seismic survey in lower Cook Inlet

Oil and gas development company Hilcorp is planning to survey an offshore lease site in lower Cook Inlet.

Hilcorp CEO steps down

Hildebrand is known for being among the wealthiest people in the world, with a net worth of $7.6 billion, according to Bloomberg. Listen now

Industry, environmental groups speak out as Hilcorp paves the way for drilling in federal Arctic waters

The oil and gas company Hilcorp wants to build a gravel island in shallow waters in the Beaufort Sea, east of Prudhoe Bay. Listen now

New Hilcorp contract pushes Interior Energy Project along

The Interior Energy Project has achieved a major milestone. On Thursday, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority Board approved a plan advancing the state effort to increase availability of natural gas in Fairbanks. Listen now

Feds move forward with review of Hilcorp’s Arctic drilling plans

The federal government is moving forward with its review of Hilcorp’s proposal to drill offshore for oil in the Arctic. Listen now