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Campaigns make last push for votes in Alaska before election

The major candidates in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race are making their last push for votes ahead of Tuesday’s election, with the campaigns calling Alaskans and knocking on doors and the candidates holding last-minute rallies and stops.
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By mail, early, in person: Here’s a guide to voting in Alaska

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Saturday, Oct. 24.

How to vote in Alaska: 2020 edition

https://youtu.be/m62OAbUDVXU Alaska, it's time to vote. Here are three ways you can vote on or before Nov. 3, 2020: early voting, absentee voting, or in-person...
A screengrab of a virtual debate. The image shows a countdown timing senators' responses. Also pictured is Rhonda McBride, Dan Sullivan and Al Gross.

Virtual debate: Alaska U.S. Senate candidates face off on fisheries

The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s U.S. Senate debate is the only Alaska political forum of its kind devoted exclusively to fisheries. And Saturday night’s showdown between U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and his challenger, Al Gross, had some heated exchanges.
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LISTEN: Vote by mail or in person? Understanding the options this election season

What do you need to know about your voting options? How secure are the systems in place and what will the process be for counting ballots after November 3rd? State elections officials join us to clarify the voting process
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Challenger says Don Young is ducking debates

The two candidates vying for Alaska's House seat will meet twice, but Alyse Galvin says Don Young declined four other events.

Should Division of Elections count ballots without a witness signature? Judge to decide Monday.

The No. 1 reason mailed ballots are not counted is that voters bungle the witness signature.
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Edgmon and Stutes ask Dunleavy to keep his distance from Pebble’s permit quest

In the secretly-recorded"Pebble Tapes," the CEO of Pebble promised an investor firm support from the governor.
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Sen. Sullivan meets with Trump’s nominee to Supreme Court

Sullivan he said he met with the nominee, who indicated that she was a strong defender of the Second Amendment.
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Records: Alaska’s independent U.S. Senate candidate shot bear after “bloodcurdling scream”

Al Gross, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate, has touted the shooting in multiple campaign ads in his challenge to Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. A GOP research apparently filed records requests with the state to find out whether Gross really shot the bear.
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Mertarvik residents didn’t get primary ballots. The state says it didn’t know people lived there.

Materials for voting never arrived in Newtok, a sister village, from where absentee ballots were supposed to be taken to Mertarvik.
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Washington senator says Congress should block Pebble’s permit

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell says she’ll support a bill to block a permit for the Pebble Mine. She also wants an investigation into whether Pebble’s CEO lied to Congress.

An initiative proposes to overhaul Alaska’s elections. But not everyone thinks they’re broken.

The initiative’s drafters argue that Alaska’s election system punishes bipartisanship and rewards partisan loyalty. And they’re proposing an overhaul, but they face opposition from those who say the state's elections work just fine.
A roll of "I voted" stickers with the blue alaska flag nexxt to secrecy folders

Absentee ballot lawsuit will not be heard before election

The decision likely eliminates the possibility a judge will require the state to send absentee ballot request forms to all voters before November
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‘Pebble Tapes’ prompt Sullivan to raise volume on his opposition to the mine

"No Pebble Mine," Sen. Sullivan wrote on Twitter, after Pebble CEO was caught on tape saying the senator would stay in his corner and be quiet.
Polling place at City Hall in downtown Anchorage.

Should Alaska consider ranked choice voting? Hear a debate about Ballot Measure 2

This week on Addressing Alaskans we hear a debate about Ballot Measure 2 and we balance out some arguments from a previous Addressing Alaskans regarding Ballot Measure 1.

Alaska judge blocks ballot printing after candidate raises “clear” legal questions about design

Alyse Galvin's lawsuit challenges a new ballot design from state elections officials -- who work for a Republican lieutenant governor, Kevin Meyer -- that only references Galvin’s Democratic Party nomination and not her independent voter registration. Galvin is challenging incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young.