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Crew of cargo ship from China to remain onboard in Unalaska due to coronavirus quarantine

The U.S. Coast Guard is taking precautionary measures with the 711-foot boat in light of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China

Novel Coronavirus 101: What you need to know

First detected in December in Wuhan, China, the novel coronavirus has infected thousands of people in China and has spread to other...

Preparing for and preventing the spread of the novel Coronavirus | Alaska Insight

The novel coronavirus is a global public health emergency according to the World Health Organization and many countries, including the U.S., have restricted travel from China or closed their borders. But questions still remain about how lethal the virus is. How likely are you to contract the virus?

Here’s what experts in Alaska want you to know about the new coronavirus

Speaking on Talk of Alaska this week, officials with the CDC and state weighed in on how Alaskans can be prepared for the novel coronavirus.

LISTEN: How serious is the novel coronavirus?

There are confirmed cases in the U.S. and a chartered flight evacuated Americans from China through the Anchorage airport before arriving in California. But how big should this concern be compared to annual influenza infections? Should countries shut down international travel?

There will be more flights from Wuhan, but Alaska has no plans to receive more virus evacuees, officials say

Citizens who stopped briefly in Anchorage are now in a two-week quarantine at a military base in California.

Cargo flights into Anchorage from Wuhan suspended, no additional Chinese medical flights planned, officials say

Officials in Alaska say everything went as planned with a flight stopping briefly in Anchorage overnight returning 201 Americans from Wuhan, China, amid the spread of the coronavirus. At this point, there are no similar efforts planned for the Ted Stevens International Airport, although cargo flights from Wuhan have been suspended.

All passengers in plane from Wuhan passed coronavirus screening in Anchorage

A plane evacuating 201 Americans from the Chinese city at the center of the virus outbreak is on its way to Southern California after everyone aboard passed a health screening test at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska.

Passengers from China will land in Anchorage Tuesday night, undergo coronavirus screen in closed north terminal, state says

Around 200 passengers are scheduled to briefly land at Ted Stevens International in Anchorage to refuel, clear customs, and undergo health screenings.

Coronavirus evacuees to make virus screening, refuel stop at Anchorage airport

As the novel coronavirus spreads globally, hundreds of Americans are returning from China through Alaska's Ted Stevens Airport on the way home.

Here’s how Alaska is preparing for the Wuhan coronavirus

State epidemiologists are alerting the public and health care workers about what to watch for with the coronavirus.