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Gov. Dunleavy’s COVID-19 economic plan includes dividend payments in April, plus $1 billion in statewide relief

Dunleavy called for $1,300 dollar Permanent Fund dividend payments in April, as well as for a one billion dollar fund, to stabilize the state’s economy.

Ketchikan has third positive COVID-19 test, increasing state total to 13

The case adds to additional two that were reported by the state this week.
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US-Canada border restrictions on ‘non-essential’ travel begin Saturday, last for 30 days

A document drafted by Homeland Security’s acting general counsel defines “essential travel” as U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents returning to the U.S as well as travel for medical reasons, education, necessary work, emergency responses and legal cross-border trade. It also includes carve-outs for officials, military personnel and their families. Recreation and tourism are not considered essential.

Alaska Marine Highway to turn away passengers with flu-like symptoms

The Alaska Marine Highway System says it will begin turning away ferry passengers with coronavirus- or flu-like symptoms.
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Denali climbing permits suspended for 2020 season

In a statement Friday, Denali National Park and Preserve announced it is suspending the issuance of climbing permits for ascents of Denali and Mt. Foraker for the 2020 mountaineering season.

LISTEN: As coronavirus shuts down schools across Alaska, educators are figuring out what happens next

Schools across the state are closed until at least March 30th. In a state that has low or no internet in some areas, how are districts working to meet the educational, nutritional and mental health needs of students?

Second Ketchikan COVID-19 case was the spouse of the first patient

Ketchikan now has two confirmed coronavirus cases — in the same household.

This Yukon River village is on lockdown and has already approved its own small coronavirus stimulus

Tribes are scrambling to order supplies and step up local measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Some Alaskans still struggling to access coronavirus testing, even if providers think they might have it

Mitchel Howell had trouble breathing. Then he woke up with a sore throat, and then he came down with a fever. He says his medical provider told him he was a "suspected confirmed” case of the coronavirus. But then Howell was sent home without a test.

Number of COVID-19 cases in Alaska rises to 12, including first cases unrelated to travel

The test results announced today add two more cases from Fairbanks and one more from Ketchikan to the list.

What are your questions about the coronavirus in Alaska? What do you want us to know?

Gathering information is a little more tricky when we're practicing appropriate social distancing. So we're hoping you'll talk to us.

Alaska unemployment claims skyrocket after coronavirus shuts down restaurants

Days after restaurant and bar closures began around Alaska, more workers are looking for state support in the form of unemployment insurance.

At Alaska Airlines, flight reductions coming as COVID-19 causes passengers to rebook or cancel

Like other airlines, Alaska Airlines continues to grapple with passengers rebooking or canceling flights due to the widening coronavirus pandemic, including reducing its overall number of flights in April and May.

In the time of social distancing, can kids have playdates? What about grandparents? These expert answers will help.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services shared a number of recommendations and strategies Thursday that parents can use while caring for children at home.

Anchorage airman is among those who have tested positive for COVID-19

The airman is one of the state’s nine confirmed cases of the virus.

Closures, tanking oil and uncertainty bombard Alaska’s economy

Even if the spread of the virus slows, the summer tourism industry could be in big trouble.

Anchorage families scramble to work and care for children with school closures keeping kids home

Thousands of Alaska parents are in a tailspin as they scramble to find care for their kids during the global coronavirus pandemic that has closed public schools across the state.

Trident bars workers from leaving Aleutian plant to protect neighboring village from coronavirus

Akutan, a village of some 100 people, lies 35 miles east of Unalaska. It also boasts the largest seafood processing plant in North America. The Trident-operated plant hosts 1,400 employees a half-mile walk from the rest of the town.

Alaska’s cruise towns expected a record season, now tourism workers are reeling

For cruise towns like Juneau, where the visitor industry has been the biggest private sector employer, the impacts of the coronavirus cruise shutdown are huge.

Alaska shippers, store owners say ‘panic-buying’ isn’t necessary, but long lines and empty shelves persist

But store owners statewide say that while the coronavirus-induced panic-buying is straining their supplies, they’re confident nothing is going to disrupt their shipments. Overbuying is unnecessary, but not everybody is listening.