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Growing Food Near the Kitchen

During the Second World War, household “Victory Gardens” produced almost half the food the nation consumed. Now home gardens produce about two percent. Could the path to food security run though a garden plot in your front yard? APRN: Tuesday, 3/11 at 10:00am Download Audio

Government Hill Apartment Blaze Leaves 40 Homeless

Anchorage firefighters responded to a multiple alarm fire at a Government Hill apartment house on Thursday afternoon. The blaze left about 40 people without homes. It is the second apartment fire in the city in a week.

Senator Begich Will Not Support Assault Weapons Ban

Vice President Joe Biden says he will deliver recommendations for new gun control measures to President Barack Obama on Tuesday. Mr. Biden says he will call for both legislation and executive order from the White House.

Fuel May Have Leaked From Kulluk Lifeboats After Grounding

It looks like there was a spill from the Kulluk grounding after all. One of four life-boats dislodged and washed ashore as the huge rig grounded off Sitkalidik Island has at least two damaged fuel tanks. The rig itself has been towed to more sheltered waters and responders discovered the empty tanks while assessing materials washed to the the shoreline during the New Year's Eve grounding. The spill is estimated as under 270 gallons of diesel fuel. That estimate may rise as more tanks are examined on the four lifeboats.

Parnell Administration To Introduce New Oil Tax Reform Legislation

The Parnell administration is poised to introduce oil tax reform legislation again. Previous attempts have failed to gain enough support to pass the state legislature. The new bill was previewed for the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Tuesday. It incorporates some ideas raised in recent year’s discussions.

Ketchikan Newspaper Founder Passes Away at 93

A founder of Ketchikan's newspaper is dead. Pat Charles was 93. She and her husband Bud started a paper called the Alaska Fishing News in 1945, which became the Ketchikan Daily News a couple of years later. The Charles family sold the paper to Lew and Dorothy Williams in 1976.

Woman Found Dead in Midtown Anchorage

Another street person has died outdoors in Anchorage. It happened behind a supermarket in midtown, and determination of the cause of death awaits toxicology test results. Lena Theresa Joseph, 44, didn't wake up Tuesday morning.

Voters Electing Nearly Entire Bethel City Council

When Bethel voters head to the polls Oct. 4 they will be essentially electing an entire council.

National Indian Health Board Convention Underway

The National Indian Health Board convention is underway in Anchorage and many of the workshops will focus on funding issues.

Mental Health Trust Reworking Land Exchange

The Alaska Mental Health Trust is changing its approach to a major land exchange with the federal government.

Satellite Lifts Off From Kodiak Launch Complex

The Naval Research Laboratory’s new military communications satellite, TacSat IV, lifted off without a hitch at sunrise on Tuesday from the Kodiak Launch Complex.

Short Term Spending Deal Passes Through the Senate

The Senate reached an agreement Monday night that looks like it will stave off a government shutdown. Democrats and Republicans had been bickering over funding for victims of natural disasters like the recent floods and earthquakes in the Lower 48.