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‘Cruise ships are back, baby’: Alaska’s first large cruise ship in 21 months visits Ketchikan

The first large cruise ship to visit Alaska since 2019 arrived in Ketchikan early on the morning of July 9. The federally mandated test voyage is the symbolic start of the Alaska cruise season.

At Anchorage farm, refugees in Alaska gain training and economic opportunity

The Mountain View farm took the place of a vacant parking lot. Today it’s tended by more than 20 immigrant and refugee farmers who live in Anchorage.
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Alaska’s brewing industry continues to grow, despite pandemic challenges

New breweries have been popping up in Alaska for years, and, despite earlier predictions that growth would plateau, it hasn’t let up yet. vv
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Ammo shortage leaves Alaska businesses shooting blanks

Alaska and the rest of the U.S. are deep in an ammunition shortage, likely due to a confluence of current events and production setbacks.

Independent travelers pour into Anchorage as summer tourism season begins

Big cruise ships recently got the green light to sail to the state again. At the same time, independent travelers are showing up in force in Southcentral.

Steep job losses in Alaska plus historic federal aid led to a ‘very different recession’ in 2020

As federal aid poured in, personal income in Alaska actually rose in 2020.

How an Alaska fiber mill survived the pandemic, despite plummeting sales and low supply

Kate Wattum began operating her fiber mill business in Fairbanks in 2016. But it wasn't until 2020 that she felt like she'd hit her stride, turning raw animal fibers into yarn. Then came the pandemic.
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Is Alaska’s pandemic housing market burning out or getting hotter?

It's a seller's market: homes are going fast and at high prices. But experts say they're not seeing the warning signs of a housing bubble.
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In Anchorage’s COVID-19 economy, social media skills are essential for small business — but not everyone has them

Familia opened in May 2020. Their food has gained a strong following despite the pandemic.
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LISTEN: As summer approaches, Alaska leaders are making continued efforts to salvage cruise tourism

Hope for big ships at some point this summer is not lost yet, but the outlook is bleak. Leaders in Alaska and Washington D.C. are attempting to find solutions.

Financial needs linger among Alaskans, a year after the start of the pandemic shocked the state’s economy

Needs have settled down after the early spike, but many Alaskans are still dealing with the financial impacts of the pandemic, which are expected to linger in the months ahead.
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Alaska marked a year of deflation in 2020 — for the first time ever

The change is small -- a 1.1% decline in prices.

LISTEN: Economic Impact Payments are beginning to hit bank accounts. Here’s what you need to know.

The American Rescue Plan, which includes another round of federal relief money for Americans impacted by the pandemic.
A for sale sign in front of a white house.

Alaska’s pandemic housing boom driven by interest rates, tight inventory and shifting attitudes

The housing market’s upswing doesn’t account for thousands of Alaskans who are struggling to make ends meet.

LISTEN: What another summer without cruise ships could mean for Alaska’s economy

Alaska lost 27,000 jobs in 2020. And, while the whole state suffered, regions that depend on tourism were hit especially hard.

To face 2020 head-on, one Anchorage tour company branched out

In the last year, employees at Salmon Berry Tours delivered groceries, plants and Christmas Trees. They also took on a new role in Hatcher Pass.
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LISTEN: Alaska jobs expected to slowly return in 2021

Alaska is expected to add jobs in 2021, but at a slow pace.

For Anchorage businesses, going online pays off during COVID-19

"The number of web orders we’re receiving right now is at least ten times the volume we have received typically in the past," Janet Gregory, who owns Over the Rainbow Toys, said about their new online platform.

LISTEN: Alaska’s small businesses face financial winter as pandemic drags on

Jon Bittner, with the Alaska Small Business Development Center, says without a second round of relief money, businesses will continue to suffer.
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After a summer of pandemic disruptions and poor salmon runs, Alaska fishermen await more federal relief money

Government relief money has helped fishermen, and the state is finalizing a plan for how to spend another $50 million in federal dollars for the industry.