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a permanent fund seal in window

Alaska heading toward fiscal ‘brick wall’ that could force end to PFD formula debate

Alaskans are set to receive $1,312 payouts, but the Legislature still can’t agree on how to determine that number in the long term.
smoke stacks in the background of a forest, spewing gas into the air

Alaska politicians remain optimistic about AK LNG even as overseas market cools

Politicians are still confident in the pipeline project, even as a long timeline has export buyers looking for other options.
A woman in a bright neon hoodie operates a trash truck's mechanical arm, to pick up a recycling bin

A large increase in trash shipping costs in Southeast Alaska has leaders exploring solutions

Petersburg's new trash contract comes with a 34% price hike, which would pile onto the community's already sky-high living expenses.
a fishing boat

A salmon glut has sent prices plunging, and economists don’t know when they’ll recover

Processors recently announced a base price of just 50 cents per pound – the lowest price in decades, when adjusted for inflation.
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Anchorage women-owned businesses form ‘Outdoor Alliance’ to help each other succeed

Women have been making inroads in the traditionally male-dominated industry, with female leaders apparently concentrated in Alaska.
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A tough choice for Heather’s Choice: Anchorage company considers relocating to grow business

Heather’s Choice makes premium dehydrated meals for hikers or anyone on the go, and is continuing to grow its presence in the Lower 48.

Small exodus of doctors leaves Central Kenai Peninsula with recruitment rush, strains on care

“I’m extremely worried about my patients being able to find new primary care,” said Dr. Alexa Rodin, who's among the doctors leaving.
construction workers and machinery at a coastal construction site

Trident’s new processing plant in Unalaska will be the largest in North America

The plant will focus on automation, renewable energy and on 100% protein capture — being so efficient that not a scrap of fish is wasted.
a town can be seen from an aerial view out of a plane

In the wake of canceled cruise stops, Valdez official says businesses should focus on in-state tourism

A local official said cruise lines have a history of abrupt cancellations, so tourism companies should cater to more reliable Alaskan visitors.
The Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska facility

Alaska’s natural gas shortage: How did we get here and what comes next?

Southcentral Alaska is facing a looming energy crisis as natural gas contracts are set to run out. Utilities aren’t sure how to replace it, but foreign imports seem likely.
three people getting off an airplane

Anchorage now has the third busiest cargo airport in the world, with plans for growth

Geographic advantage helped Anchorage's airport claim its new title. To keep growing, it needs to market the shape of the Earth.
Construction workers walk down a city street.

Statewide income in Alaska grew twice as fast as the U.S. last year, mostly because of PFDs

The state still has fewer jobs than pre-pandemic, but the job market is historically strong and inflation is beginning to ease.
a man holds up a bag of coffee beans

Most people don’t think of rural Alaska as a place to get fresh-roasted coffee. Bob Foster wants to change that.

Foster said his business has grown so fast, it's sometimes difficult to keep up.
cruise ship passengers in Juneau

Juneau is bracing for its busiest cruise season ever

Alaska's capital city is expecting 1.5 million tourists this summer, 30% more than pre-pandemic levels.
A woman in an orange sweater leaning against her car.

A small but growing group of EV owners in Alaska show electric cars can work in the frigid north

Amid a federal push to limit vehicle emissions, there is a small but fast growing community of electric car owners in Alaska. Drivers say modern EVs can handle the winter conditions just fine.
The sign for Alaska Pacific University stands in front of pine trees surrounded by snow.

APU professor finds when it comes to salary, majors matter more than colleges

Professor Dale Lehman built a model to analyze how much colleges contribute to their graduates’ earning potential. His conclusion? Not much.

Alaska tourism threatened as iconic glaciers melt away

As the world’s glaciers retreat, so does the outlook for the Alaska tourism sector. But the pace of that retreat is still in human hands.

Mat-Su Health Foundation receives $15 million from Mackenzie Scott to support local initiatives

The donation was the largest of several unrestricted gifts sent to Alaska organizations from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott, who was once married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
colorful spices in a box

A refugee-led co-op in Anchorage provides work experience, with flavor

The FIG program’s Global Spice Blends has grown in popularity, providing job opportunities and community building for recently resettled refugees.
Exterior: Smoke over a home

Alaska routinely skimps on wildfire response budget, study finds

Researchers found that wildfire-prone states like Alaska were obscuring the true costs of fires, creating an added challenge to budgeting for mitigation and prevention.