Digital MemberCard – FAQs

The Alaska Public Media Digital MemberCard provides you with immediate access to 2-for-1 benefits at over 70 restaurants and cultural attractions in Southcentral Alaska, PLUS thousands of deals on meals, hotels, rental cars, grocery coupons, and fabulous family entertainment across the country.

While a donation in any amount makes you a valued Member of Alaska Public Media, only a donation of $100 or more entitles you to the Digital MemberCard!

Your Membership and your Digital MemberCard are valid for 12 months.

You will easily recoup the cost of your membership as you eat your way around town while supporting the station that nourishes your need for quality programming!

How to Use the MemberCard App

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I receive my Digital MemberCard?  Within approximately two weeks of processing your contribution of $100 or more, you will receive an email with your personal access code for the Digital MemberCard App.  Download the “MemberCard” app from your favorite app store.

Access codes are alpha numeric and formatted as A1B2C3D4-000. The last three characters are always numeric, and the hyphen will auto-populate when you enter the code into the app.

How do I enter a new access code? Once logged in to the mobile app, click on the menu (three lines) in the top left-hand corner, select ‘Add Access Code,’ enter new access code and tap the ‘Submit.’ This applies both to entering multiple codes for different organizations you contribute to, or if you are just entering an updated code because your previous one expired.

Why is the app not recognizing my access code? Please confirm that you are entering the entire access code. The hyphen will auto-populate after you enter the first eight characters and then you must include the last three digits. If you have entered the entire code and are still having trouble, please reach out to us at (800) 423-7645 or

How do I filter search results? Tap on the button of the category you wish to view, and the associated offers will populate for you. You can filter these further by selecting from the drop-down menu or using the search bar at the bottom of benefits available in your area by tapping the map icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You may also change the radius to view The default is 25 miles, but you can slide that from 5-200 miles and select “View Results.”

How do I change location settings for the Mobile App? Navigate to your phone’s Settings and Location. Choose the MemberCard app and select your permission preference.

How can I stay informed of benefit changes throughout the year? To increase the value of your Digital MemberCard, benefits are added and updated on a regular basis. In addition to checking your app, you can visit, select your home state and organization to view the current list of benefits.

How many times can I use the Digital MemberCard at each location? You can use your Digital MemberCard once at each participating business or venue.

Please reach out to Digital MemberCard Help at (800)423-7645 or for additional help in accessing the many benefits of the Digital MemberCard.