Your Legacy and Alaska Public Media


So much has changed in the years since Alaska Public Media’s KAKM, KSKA and Statewide News first began. In many ways, public broadcasting has grown up. What was once a struggling – almost experimental — operation has become a permanent and positive presence in the lives of so many in Alaska and across the nation.

We continue to seek and depend on regular membership contributions from friends, especially new generations of listeners. But in the long run our future will depend more and more, on special gifts from long-time friends who want to help Alaska Public Media become stronger and more stable in the future.

One of the many ways that friends can choose to express their deep commitment to public broadcasting is by naming Alaska Public Media in their will or trust. This is a way to make a lasting contribution without affecting your current financial security and freedom.


In general, bequests are often the simplest and most common type of legacy gift that our members establish. You may enumerate a specific dollar amount or allocate the residue remaining in your estate after all other gifts to family and others are met. Bequests may also be made contingent upon another event occurring — such as a spouse or another beneficiary predeceasing you.

In addition to the intangible rewards you receive from giving, there are possible financial benefits associated with creating this type of legacy gift. When meeting with your advisors, you may want to discuss:


A bequest to benefit Alaska Public Media is simple to set up. The language of a charitable bequest is similar to that listed below, and descriptions of the different types of bequests you may include in your will follows:

“To Alaska Public Media, I give, devise, and bequest (insert a sum of money, percentage of estate, or remainder of estate).”


• Specific Bequest: Alaska Public Media receives a specific dollar amount or a stated percentage of the estate. This is one of the most popular forms of bequests.

• Residuary Bequest: Alaska Public Media will receive all or a stated percentage of an estate after distribution of specific bequests and payment of debts, taxes, and expenses.

• Contingent Bequest: Alaska Public Media will receive part or all of the estate under certain specified circumstances.

• Trust Established Under a Will: A trust may be established that provides for both Alaska Public Media and other beneficiaries.


If you already have your estate plans in place, but wish to amend your plans, the easiest way to make a charitable gift through a bequest is by adding a codicil– a simple statement spelling out the beneficiary organization and the gift. You do not need to change the body of your will. The codicil is executed with the same formalities as a will. And, always, please check with your trusted advisors on planning that is best suited for you and your family.

Whether you are drafting a will for the first time or amending your will through a codicil, you will need to provide your advisors with our official name, our legal address, phone number, and tax ID number:

Alaska Public Media
3877 University Drive
Anchorage AK 99508


Tax I.D. #23-7394629

To determine the tax benefits for your situation, check with your tax advisor, certified public accountant or attorney. To contact Alaska Public Media for additional information on our legacy gift and endowment program, please call Kris Rognes at 907.550.8435. Thank you for your continued support of the mission of public media in Alaska.


Alfred Hanisch was born April 16, 1923. He grew up in Roseville, California during the depression. Hanisch served in the 651st Field Artillery Battalion in Germany during World War II and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

In 1946, Alfred moved to Anchorage. He was one of the first to drive the AlCan Highway. He worked for the Alaska Railroad for two years, later was employed by Standard Oil of California, and retired from Chevron USA in 1986. He lived in his modest 800 square foot log home in Spenard for 60 years. He had a large greenhouse and garden in his back yard and grew cabbage, peas, beans, tomatoes and raspberries.

Alfred enjoyed the programs he found on KAKM Channel 7 public television, especially all history programs. He was one of the original members to support the station back in 1977. He also supported KSKA public radio. He had an extensive collection of KAKM and KSKA coffee mugs.

Al’s friends, Ron and Teresa Bailey, remember their friend as civic minded and deeply engaged in his church and his community. They described him as reflective, intelligent, and “a real gentleman.” He was beloved by his co-workers, his church community and neighbors, and remembered as a kind and generous man who shoveled snow at his church, lent friends a hand on projects, and gave away produce from his garden.

His friends and family said: “He was a pioneer of Alaska. He loved to tell stories of all his travels in his life and work, and he enjoyed his little log home in the woods. He always enjoyed his garden and greenhouse, the love of his dog, a good cup of coffee, a Western movie and reading his books. He also enjoyed his family time and church family. He will be greatly missed by good friends and family.”

Alfred Hanisch died December 4, 2010, at the age of 87. He continues to care for his community through generous bequests he left to the KAKM and KSKA, the Anchorage Municipal Libraries, the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center and First American Baptist Church.

The Anchorage Assembly proclaimed January 31, 2012 “Alfred Hanisch Day” recognizing him as a public-spirited individual who left “ a lasting gift for our community institutions that reflects a love for our city, the pursuit of a high quality of life for all citizens, and the transformative power that one individual can make with their gift.”

Are you one of our secret admirers? Please tell us if you have included Alaska Public Media in your estate plans, and with your permission, we will include you in the Alfred Hanisch Legacy Society.