Heather Herndon

Age: 49

Family: 3

Occupation: REIT/Developer/Construction

Previous government experience or community involvement: Entitlements for Development

Highest level of education: Masters

What is the latest book you’ve read? Or, what book do you recommend and why?: Rousseau: The Social Contract and Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. Relevant today.

COVID closures, cancelled civic and culture events and the decline of summer tourists have turned Anchorage’s downtown into “a ghost town.” How will you revitalize downtown Anchorage?

End mandates. Having speaking engagements for those experts in their professional field or culture.

Do you support a minimum wage of $15 for municipal workers? Why or why not?

Maybe. Do not want to increases taxes but want people to be able to afford to live here.

What ideas do you have to ensure that the make-up of the municipal workforce reflects the diversity of the Anchorage community?

Multiple choice and written exams.

With steep declines in revenue sharing from the state of Alaska, how will you support essential city services? Will this level of support be enough to attract future investment?

Intend to joint-venture with new non-overlapping businesses.

Do you have a commitment to incorporate and utilize renewable energy sources?

After Texas, we’ll see. Certainly not going to freeze out population. Suggest individual homeowners offset electrical grid.

Anchorage has a shortage of housing at multiple income levels. What can you do to mitigate the problem and how will you influence housing development toward what the city needs?

Build more affordable housing with a cap on what it can be resold for later. Change zoning to mixed-use.

The homeless crisis in Anchorage is persistent, disturbing and humanly tragic. How do you plan to help the municipality solve this crisis?

Veterans Housing. Working with Native Corps. Getting out of the way of those housing developments being held up at Planning. I have rendering of my own development housing projects made with fireproof materials.

Anchorage is a university town with two institutions, one public and one private. What opportunities does this represent to the municipality?

I strongly support ANSEP. I would encourage APU to promote similar program. I intend to negotiate more STEM jobs for Anchorage locals.

Can the mayor influence the tone of community dialogue? How?

Yes. Using city barricades and APD as one’s own body guard because past mayor is going against the majority, sets a tone. Both of which I will not do as mayor.

Local builders continually complain about delays in the municipal permitting process, and that Title 21 requirements make homes expensive. The complaints are old. Will you make changes?

Review and revise. Issue temporary order to build housing especially for homeless.