Iditarod 2023 (red text over photo of mushing team)
a dog in a dog box

Jet, who always knows where she’s going

Wade Marrs says this will be the last Iditarod for his longtime leader Jet.
A musher drives a sled

From snow hooks to alarm clocks: Here’s what 5 Iditarod mushers say they’ve lost along the trail

Mushers have a lot to keep track of on the trail and sometimes leave things behind.
A man with curly hair in a parka with a fur ruff

Eddie Burke Jr. wins Iditarod Rookie of the Year

The former amateur boxer and garbage truck driver had the best rookie finish since Jessie Holmes in 2018, finishing in seventh place.
a musher behind a dog team

Kaiser and Diehl round out ‘almost unheard of’ all Alaska Native Iditarod podium

After Ryan Redington’s win, Richie Diehl and Pete Kaiser say they’re showing that rural mushing isn’t dying.
a man smiles at finish line

Redington notches family’s first Iditarod victory, a childhood dream

The grandson of the “Father of the Iditarod” won his first Iditarod Tuesday on his 16th try.
two dogs and a musher

Sven and Ghost, the Iditarod champions

Sven and Ghost led Ryan Redington to his first Iditarod victory on Tuesday.
a dog team

Redington is first out of Safety, with just 22 miles to Iditarod finish line

Ryan Redington’s closest competitors are Pete Kaiser and Richie Diehl

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