Meet the Alaska U.S. House candidates

Forty-eight candidates are running in the special election to fill the rest of Congressman Don Young’s term. It’s the most candidates ever in one election in Alaska. First up is the primary. Ballots must be postmarked by June 11. To help Alaskans sort through their dozens of choices, we asked each candidate why they’re running and why voters should pick them.

Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Bye

A man in a suit jacket.

Chris Constant

David Hughes

Jason Williams

Jay Armstrong

Jeff Lowenfels

Jo Woodward

John Coghill

man in blue suit

Josh Revak

Mike Milligan

Nick Begich

Otto Florschutz

Stephen Wright

Tara Sweeney

Ted Heintz

Timothy Beck

The following candidates are running, but AKPM did not receive a response when reaching out:
  • Dennis Aguayo
  • Brian Beal
  • Robert Brown
  • John Callahan
  • Lady Donna Dutchess
  • Thomas Gibbons
  • Karyn Griffin
  • Andrew Halcro
  • William Hibler
  • John Wayne Howe
  • Don Knight
  • Anne McCabe
  • Mike Melander
  • Sherry Mettler
  • Emil Notti
  • Robert Ornelas
  • Sarah Palin
  • Silvio Pellegrini
  • Maxwell Sumner
  • David Thistle
  • Ernest Thomas
  • Richard Trotter
  • Bradley Welter
  • Adam Wool

You can find a full list of the candidates running here.