Your KSKA Day

Reserving Your Day on KSKA is a great way to celebrate a special person or special occassion in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or in memory of someone, Alaska Public Media will help you honor that day when you become a KSKA Day Sponsor.

Here’s how:

1. Pledge Your Support
A contribution of $1000 or more to Alaska Public Media will allow you to choose your day on KSKA. Your pledge must be paid in full or be part of an active automatic payment program with Alaska Public Media before we can process your KSKA Day Sponsorship.

2.  Select Your Day
To make your day truly special, only one KSKA Day Sponsor will air per day. Therefore, we ask that you indicate a first and second date choice.

Check the Availability of your Date:

  • Call 907-550-8400 to check availability

3. Select an Introduction
The KSKA Day Sponsor announcement, including the 3-second introduction, may not exceed 15 seconds.

Here are the choices for an introduction:

  • Today’s broadcast is supported by a gift from (your name)
  • Today’s broadcast is supported by a gift from (your name) in honor of:
  • Today’s broadcast is supported by a gift from (your name) to celebrate:
  • Today’s broadcast is supported by a gift from (your name) in memory of:
  • Today’s broadcast is supported by a gift from (your name) to celebrate the life of:

Here is an example of a message:

“Today’s broadcast is supported by Jane and John Doe in celebration of their 35th wedding anniversary.”

A message with 15-30 words will generally fall within the 15 second limitation. The message includes the donor’s name and the choice of message from the above list. KSKA staff may edit your message for length and content. When submitting copy, please include clear, phonetic pronunciations of names in your message.

4. Listen to KSKA on Your Day
KSKA staff will voice your announcement and schedule it on the day of your choice based on availability.

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the KSKA Day Sponsorship is to acknowledge people or special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, and other days of personal significance. All copy must comply with Alaska Public Media Sponsorship Policy and FCC Rules and Regulations for underwriting. Advertising, promotion of events by other organizations, or expressions of ideological, theological or political opinions are not accepted.

KSKA Day Sponsorship must be scheduled, paid for and completed within one calendar year. KSKA must receive your Day Sponsor messages no later than five days prior to the reserved day.

Unforeseen schedule changes, breaking news and/or technical difficulties may alter your announcement day or times. We will work with you on these occasions to honor the spirit of your message and your reserved day.

Alaska Public Media reserves the right to modify or refuse any submitted announcement copy for a KSKA Day Sponsorship.

To request your KSKA Day, contact or call 907-550-8400.