Justin Williams

Justin Williams
Justin Ezell Williams was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. A graduate of both art and sociology from the University of Alaska Anchorage, he is a father, cinephile; visual artist, podcast host and producer, as well as a musician. He currently serves his community as a local influencer as a popular food reviewer, showcasing the best cuisine the state has to offer while studying the economy and anthropology of the local food industry.

Hometown, Alaska: Discussing mental health awareness and suicide prevention

The stigmas and statistics of mental health awareness are important issues for Alaskans, especially as it relates to suicide prevention. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska host Justin Williams leads a conversation about how to discuss mental health and suicide prevention with Blaze Bell of Standing Together Against Rape and Recover Alaska as well as Shana Cooper of the Alaska Native Justice Center. They share their professional insight and personal experiences to explain how to approach these issues and share what resources are out there.

Hometown, Alaska: Turkish flavors delight in Anchorage

Zeynep Kilic was born and raised in Turkey. A former professor of the now-defunct sociology program at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Kilic is now an accomplished film director, as well as the new owner of the recently rebranded and reopened Turkish Delight, a restaurant specializing in authentic Turkish cuisine. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we will hear about  her history and relationship surrounding the food she makes and loves, and what approaches she takes for her favorite dishes.

Hometown Alaska: Opportunities for lifelong education with OLÉ!

Since 2007, OLÉ! has existed in Anchorage as a non-profit organization aimed at providing older Alaskans aged 50 and up an opportunity to continue their education in creative and engaging ways. This week on Hometown Alaska host Justin Williams dives into what the organization is, how it works and more.

Hometown Alaska: Mutual Aid Network of Anchorage

This week on Hometown Alaska we're joined by Erin Baldwin Day, lead organizer of Mutual Aid Network of Anchorage, to find out about the grassroots, community-minded organization filling gaps other groups cannot meet.

Hometown Alaska: Touring the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

Mountain View is known for its diverse community and neighborhood values. It is not just the people that make the community what it is, but the institutions they run, many of whom have been around for a significant amount of time: Clark Middle School, Hula Hands, the Boys & Girls Club, the Red Apple, etc. One less-spoken-of institution that has been a gem in Mountain View is the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature. This week on Hometown Alaska host Justin Williams steps inside and takes a tour to see what it's all about.

Hometown Alaska: The Alaska Beer Broads

Alaska Beer Broads is an all-female, Alaska-based group consisting of beer enthusiasts from all over the state who connect and meet up at beer events to support local businesses and talk beer. D’Lany Nichols is their creator, and between podcasting, event coordination, taste tasting and leading the group, she always has her toes dipped into the local scene, expanding her expertise and celebrating the established culture.