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Dave Donaldson, APRN - Juneau
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Parnell Objects to Federal Management of Wetlands

Governor Sean Parnell is working to change what he sees as the direction of federal management of wetlands in the state.

Parnell Administration and State Legislature Give Details on Energy Projects

The Parnell administration and the Legislature on Monday presented details on two energy projects that will cost an estimated, combined $12 billion when they’re done – primarily for the railbelt and SouthCentral.

Senate Finance Committee Examines Efforts to Lower Oil Taxes

The state Senate Finance committee is taking the first steps toward understanding what is expected to be a major point of contention during next year’s session -- a renewed effort by the Governor and members of the House of Representatives to lower oil taxes.

House Bill Could Put Limits on ‘Biometrics’

The state legislature could take another major step toward protecting personal privacy during next year’s session as the House prepares to take up a Senate bill putting limits on the collection of what is called “biometric” identification data.

Study Shows Natural Gas Pipeline Could Deliver Directly to Anchorage

North Slope Natural Gas could be in Anchorage’s future.

Officials Ponder Coastal Zone Management Program Successor

The doors are now locked on the state’s Coastal Management Program. That’s the bottom line result of the legislature and governor’s action last week in not extending it.

Parnell Finalizes Operating and Capital Budgets

On Wednesday, Governor Sean Parnell finalized the state's operating and capital projects budgets.

Coastal Zone Management Program to Close Thursday

The state’s Coastal Zone Management Program will finish closing down by the end of the day on Thursday.

House Rejects Coastal Management Bill

The State House Tuesday rejected a bill to extend the state's coastal management program. The measure passed by the Senate late yesterday failed by an 18 to 18 vote in the House.

Coastal Management Bill Passes Senate

It took the Senate only one day to pass a bill extending the Coastal Management Program. Then the members adjourned and headed for home. The House will take up the bill Tuesday morning. However, there is little chance the measure will become law.

State House Still Mulling Over Coastal Management Program

The House majority is waiting this evening to decide whether to begin its part of Monday’s special legislative session or to give up plans to try to extend the state's coastal management program.

Legislators Meeting for Final Attempt to Save Coastal Zone Management

Legislators are getting together Monday morning to make a final, slim attempt to save the state’s Coastal Management Program. The agency is now on track for permanent closure at the end of business Thursday unless the legislature - and the governor - act to extend it.

Draft Legislation Being Written to Extend Coastal Management Program

Legislative leaders Thursday began distributing draft legislation that, if enacted before the end of the day next Thursday, would extend the state’s coastal management program.

House and Senate in Talks for Coastal Management Special Session

House and Senate leaders report progress in talks that could lead to extending the state’s Coastal Management Program.

House Rejects Special Session for Coastal Management Program

So far, there's been no deal on a one-year extension of the Coastal Zone Management program. State House Majority Leader Allen Austerman says polling over the weekend did not yield enough support to accept the Senate's offer.

Parnell Administration Optimistic About Gas Pipeline

Despite skepticism from Alaska’s congressional delegation about the future of a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to North American markets, the Parnell administration is still optimistic – and they’re still working on what they consider the opening steps of a long project.

Resource Developers Concerned About National Ocean Council Initiatives

Resource developers see a new White House initiative as a risk to Alaska’s coastal economy. And it’s coming as coastal communities anticipate the closure of the state’s Coastal Management program.