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Dave Donaldson, APRN - Juneau
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Senate Finance Passes Scholarship Bill with Part of Fund Reserved for Needs-Based Assistance

The Governor will likely get a scholarship bill from the Senate, but not quite the one he wants. The Senate Finance Committee Friday approved a plan of requirements for state-funded scholarships for Alaska colleges...

State Senators Offer Alternative Scholarship Plan

The Governor will likely get a scholarship bill from the Senate this session. But it might not be the one he wants. The Senate Finance Committee today (Friday) approved a plan...

State House Makes Transportation Funding A Priority

The House today set a priority for state funding – transportation. Members voted to ask Alaskans to approve a constitutional amendment that would set up a dedicated fund that could only be used to pay for transportation projects – even if state revenue falls.

Governor At Odds With the Senate Over Scholarship Money

The Senate hasn’t finished its final version of the budget yet, but it currently flat-funds the scholarship program that was one of the governor’s earliest legislative accomplishments.

House Approves In-State Gas Line

The House overnight approved the next steps necessary that could lead to an instate gas pipeline from the North Slope to Anchorage and South Central.

School Leaders Explain Plans To Deal With Budget Deficits

Local school leaders today got their chance to tell legislators how they are dealing with expected budget deficits for the next school year. The hearings followed the Parnell administration’s presentation yesterday at the opening of the House Finance Committee’s week-long series of meetings focusing on Education.

Local Schools to State: It’s About the Money

Lawmakers were interested in how the state will pay for the requirements being put on schools next year. The administration shows increases in contributions to retirement costs and to energy expenses and offers to pay for pupil transportation. But Dillingham Democrat Bryce Edgmon said the whole issue rests on funding

Senate Impatient Waiting for Tax Data

The Senators working on a final version of a bill amending the tax on oil and gas today (Monday) asked the Parnell administration to get them information on what the governor says needs to be changed.

More Financial Protection For Seniors and Vulnerable Adults

The House today passed a bill the governor requested designed to increase protection for seniors and other vulnerable adults.

Senate to Feds: Clean Up Those Old Wells

The Senate today joined the voices of Alaskans complaining about those unplugged exploratory oil wells that are polluting the National Petroleum Reserve- Alaska.

House Begins Final Cut on Movie Incentives

A special House Finance subcommittee opened hearings today on a bill to continue and expand a program offering tax incentives for production companies making movies in the state.

Oil Companies Continue Push For Tax Cuts

The state’s major oil companies today continued to promote their requirement that they must see meaningful tax cuts before the state sees meaningful production increases.

Oil Tax Dispute Turns Personal

The standoff over Governor Parnell’s plan to rewrite the state’s oil tax regime has turned personal. In a letter to Senate Finance Co-Chair Bert Stedman late last week, Parnell referred to Senators working on an alternate tax reduction plan as, “a group of hens in the barnyard.”

House Approves Five More Years of Renewable Energy

The House also today authorized a five year extension of the Renewable Energy Grant fund. In continuing the program, it also informally agreed to contribute $50-million a year to projects fitting into the Fund’s requirements.

House Exempts Large Non-Profits From ‘Pick, Click, Give’ Audits

The House Monday exempted large non-profits from being financially audited as a part of their collecting donations through the Permanent Fund Dividend distribution. The audit was required as part of the Pick, Click, Give program that allows people to make donations from their annual dividend.

House Agrees Standards For Shipping, Oil Pollution Preparedness Needed

The House today agreed with the Senate’s request that the Arctic Council Task Force consider Alaska’s interests in establishing standards for shipping and oil pollution preparedness for Arctic waters.

House Approves $9.5-Billion Budget

Finance Co-Chair Bill Thomas said the plan will require oil prices to average about $100 a barrel next year to avoid deficit spending.

State House Rejects Proposed Budget Amendments

The House today rejected minority amendments to next year’s operating budget in anticipation of a final vote on the plan this evening.

House Ready to Vote on Budget

The state House of Representatives is ready for debate and a vote tomorrow on the operating budget for next year.

AG Has An Open Mind to Tribal Courts

Michael Geraghty, the Anchorage attorney appointed as the state’s next Attorney General, says “Tribal Courts are here to stay,” – saying it’s the law of the land and pointing to authority most recently recognized by the state Supreme Court.