Christine Trudeau, KYUK - Bethel

Christine Trudeau, KYUK - Bethel

Amazon refunds local sales taxes to nonprofits

Online retailing heavyweight Amazon forgot to exempt nonprofits when it started collecting local sales taxes for online purchases. Some nonprofits have started receiving refunds as Amazon works out the kinks in its new system.
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Y-K Delta boarding school discovers cheating on math program

Students enrolled at the Kuskokwim Learning Academy, a Bethel-area alternative boarding school, were found to be cheating on their computer-based math curriculum.

Bethel City Council to choose a path forward for Avenues piped water and sewer project

The Bethel City Council is due to decide whether or not to bring piped water and sewer service to an area extending from Third to Seventh Avenue, including Ridgecrest Drive and Main Street.

Outgoing Lt. Gov. Davidson considers political future in Alaska

Lt. Gov. Valerie Narr’araaluk Davidson took her first trip back to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta earlier this week, visiting Yup’ik immersion school Ayaprun Elitnaurviat, Gladys Jung Elementary and technical training school Yuut Elitnaurviat.

Dunleavy’s win leaves a lot of uncertainty for rural education

A former rural educator is about to become Alaska’s next governor. How the Dunleavy administration addresses public education policy is a big question looming over rural schools across the state.

AK: Lt. Gov. Mallott remembers John Active’s contributions to language revitalization

As the ink dried on Gov. Walker’s signature finalizing the Alaska Native Linguistic Emergency Administrative Order, Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott went to Bethel to speak about what the order can do. He also took a moment to recognize public broadcasting’s John Active, who made major contributions to keeping language alive in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Listen now

Bethel’s local option failed. So, what’s next?

Bethel voters have decided that their community should remain wet, for the time being, after the strictest form of local option alcohol control available failed in Tuesday’s election. Listen now

Effort to ban liquor sales in Bethel fails

A ballot measure to impose a complete ban on alcohol sales in Bethel under the state's local option law has failed in a close vote, according to unofficial election results. Listen now

Construction on Aniak’s new runway is underway

The state Department of Transportation, contracting with Knik Construction, broke ground this past spring on the hub village of Aniak’s new runway, a project long in the making. Listen now

Bethel family and community gathers to remember Y-K Delta legend John Active

On Thursday, June 7, the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta gathered to honor and lay to rest Alaska’s own beloved legendary broadcaster and storyteller, John Active. Listen now

Indian Country Today’s new editor Mark Trahant on the future of Native journalism

Last week KYUK got a visit from Indian Country Today’s new managing editor, Mark Trahant. A longtime independent journalist, Trahant has been coming to Alaska for decades and served as a college professor at UAA.

Bethel voters to decide whether or not to keep legal alcohol sales

Bethel residents will be asked to vote again this October on whether to have legal sales of alcohol in town. A petition has gathered enough signatures to put the local option issue back on the city’s October ballot. Listen now

Newtok school relocation delayed until Fall 2019

Relocating the Newtok school into a temporary building at Mertarvik will be delayed until the fall of 2019. What’s the hold up? The Newtok Village Council informed the Lower Kuskokwim School District that the problem is a lack of housing. Listen now

John Active retires from KYUK

John Active, the legendary Yup’ik storyteller and host of Ketvarrluku and Talkline, has retired from KYUK. Listen now

The Cost of Cold: Staying warm in Bethel

Jeff Sanders exclusively heats his 3,000 square foot home in Bethel with wood he scavenges around town. He says he hasn't used heating fuel since 1974. Listen now

First Alaskans Institute helps revive Yup’ik traditional Qasgiq teachings at Cama-i

For the first time ever, this year's Cama-i Dance Festival will have traditional Yup'ik talking and healing circles for men and women on opening day. Listen now

House bill to declare state of emergency for Alaska Native languages passes committee

A bill to declare a state of emergency for Alaska Native Languages has moved out of one state House committee and into another. House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 19 saw widespread testimonial support from Alaska Native academics, Tribal members, and non-Native Alaskans as well. Listen now

Mining industry leads charge against salmon initiative

Mining companies are putting money into a campaign to defeat the “Stand for Salmon” fish protection initiative. Listen now

New science textbooks could bring students closer to science behind climate change

Studying high school science in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta comes with a whole new textbook. A textbook that’s free, open source, available in print and digital formats, and customized geographically to rural southwestern Alaska. Listen now

Alaska Native language experts urge the state to declare a “linguistic emergency”

Native language experts are urging the state to declare a "linguistic emergency," and work with tribes to open a discussion about the endangerment of indigenous languages. Listen now