Charlotte Duren, KSTK - Wrangell

Charlotte Duren, KSTK - Wrangell
Charlotte Duren is a reporter at KSTK in Wrangell.

Wrangell Medical Center Board Of Directors Fire Hospital CEO

The Wrangell Medical Center’s Board of Directors fired the hospital CEO yesterday. That’s despite the fact that nearly every board member was recalled in a special election earlier this week and due to leave office. The dispute over the hospital board and leadership has divided the community of Wrangell over the past year and there is no indication the rift will heal any time soon.

Wrangell Voters Recall Eight From Hospital Board

Wrangell voters have recalled eight of nine members on the city owned hospital’s Board of Directors. More than 600 voters turned out to the polls for the June 19 special election. The group pushing for the recall says the board members violated purchasing rules and mishandled a vote over revoking a doctor’s privileges, among other complaints.

AK: Making Lemonade

The Southeast town of Wrangell is filled with small locally owned businesses that rely on community support. And the importance of that support was one lesson learned last weekend when students opened their own lemonade stands around the city. The Wrangell kids participated in their first Lemonade Day- a national event to encourage young people to learn about business.

Special Meeting To Address Possible Recall Of Wrangell Hospital Board Of Directors

In a special meeting Tuesday evening Wrangell’s Borough Assembly voted to approve a resolution for a special election to be held in June, on the question of whether to recall 8 of 9 members who comprise the city-owned hospital’s board of directors.

Wrangell Hospital Ends Doctor’s Contract

A dispute over the revocation of a Wrangell physician’s work at the city’s hospital has finally resulted in ending the doctor’s contract. The dust up over Dr. Greg Salard’s work has been going back and forth between the Wrangell Medical Center board, who voted in November to revoke and the physician for months.

State, Forest Service Partner In Southeast Bat Study

The state and U.S. Forest Service are partnering in a study of bats in Southeast Alaska. The state Department of Fish and Game will strategically place acoustic detectors in several communities, to monitor bat activity over the next year.

‘Occupy’ Protests Have Unexpected Impact In Wrangell

The West Coast “Occupy” movement could end up affecting the Southeast city of Wrangell. Shipping interruptions caused by port protests may delay a time-sensitive streetlight project in Wrangell.

Black Friday Kicks Off Holiday Shopping in Wrangell

Most communities in Alaska don’t have big box stores. But that doesn’t mean residents in those places couldn’t participate in black Friday.

Carvers Using Traditional Tool in Chief Shakes Tribal House Renovation

The Wrangell Cooperative Association is moving forward on the renovation of the historic Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell. And in a first for the community, three women were chosen recently as the local carvers for the project.

Rescued Seal Pup Returns to Wrangell

Each year the Alaska Sea life Center rescues over a dozen seals, and after months of rehabilitation at their center, the marine animals are returned to the wild, to live out the rest of their natural life.

Blessing Ceremony Held for Totem Poles on Chief Shakes Island

On Monday, August 29th members of the Wrangell Cooperative Association, master carvers, and Tlingit elders gathered at Chief Shakes Island to bless the totem poles before restoration work begins.

Wrangell Rangers Educate Young Explorers

The U.S. Forest Service has a history in land education and conservation, and for years has been offering programs to get the youth outside and learning.

Wrangell Celebrates Totem Pole’s Return

Last month, a piece of Wrangell’s history was welcomed home. Wrangell’s Cooperative Association threw a parade to celebrate the return of a totem pole created by the late Master Carver Tom Ukas.

Restoration Work Scheduled on Chief Shakes Island Project

In Wrangell, restoration work is being scheduled on the Chief Shakes Island Project. The tiny island in the middle of Wrangell’s harbor is home to a replica of Chief Shakes original clan house built in 1939.