Charles Enoch, KYUK - Bethel

Charles Enoch, KYUK - Bethel
Charles Enoch is a reporter at KYUK in Bethel.

Ayaprun Yupik Immersion school students move buildings in lieu of a permanent facility

After over 50 days of being split between the District Office and Gladys Jung Elementary, Ayaprun Yupik Immersion school students are set to move to the Kipusvik building next month. Principal Sam Crow said he spoke to the project manager and superintendent who hoped that students could start their first day at the new building on Tuesday, March 15 after their spring break.

Bethel man sentenced to 20 years for murder of Leann Berlin

A Bethel judge sentenced 28-year-old Mark Charlie Jr. of Bethel to serve 20 years for the murder of Leann Berlin, a 26-year-old originally from Kasigluk.

Alaska Native’s discuss what ‘Eskimo’ means to them

After Alaska Airlines unveiled a new look for their airplanes and website many Alaska Natives took offense to a phrase they with their new marketing campaign. The phrase that sparked a controversy and a new round of conversations about what the word “Eskimo” means to Alaska Natives. Download Audio

Troopers investigate death, missing person in Aniak

Alaska State Troopers in the village of Aniak are reporting a death in Aniak, but they say they have not made a positive identification or determined a cause of death.

Former Bethel police officer makes first court appearance

Former Bethel police officer Aaron Fedolfi went before a Bethel Judge Tuesday morning for a court appearance.

Big Lake musher gunning for Kuskokwim 300 win

This year’s field for the Kuskokwim 300 Sled dog race is the biggest in recent history with over 30 competitors already signed up. One of the racers is 25-year-old Rohn Buser from Big Lake. Download Audio

Holy Bible translated into modern Yup’ik

The Holy Bible is now available in the modern Yup’ik orthography after nearly half a century of work put in by fluent Yup’ik speakers in the Bethel area and the American Bible Society. A number of elders were involved with the project. Download Audio

National Guard works to revive rural Alaska presence

Most villages in the region have old National Guard armories. There was a time when they were all manned by guardsman from the community but now they are mostly vacant. A statewide effort is underway to strengthen the dwindling guard presence in rural Alaska villages.

Yukon salmon fishery numbers show strong season

There were a total of 44 commercial fishing openers for coho and chum in the Yukon River, most of which were held in the lower river districts. Commercial fisherman harvested 191,470 chum and a record-breaking 129,700 coho salmon, raking in almost $1.5 million. Download Audio
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Kuskokwim salmon management group weighs in on 2016 fishery proposals

The Kuskokwim River Salmon Management Working Group is supporting two proposals that would implement a new permit system for king salmon fishing, if adopted by the State Board of Fish. The group rejected moving to a Tier 2 status.

Bethel Search & Rescue says Kuskokwim River is no place to be

On Wednesday morning Bethel Search and Rescue conducted an aerial survey of the Kuskokwim River from Napaskiak to Tuluksak, and reported there are approximately 50 holes in that 50-mile stretch of the river following recent days of warm and rainy weather.

Staffer honored for thwarting would-be school shooter in Newtok

A school staffer was recognized this morning for his successful confrontation of a would-be shooter. Forty-five-year-old Harry Nevak is the on-site technician for the Ayaprun school in Newtok. He says he was on his way to work on the morning of September 11, when he noticed a former student nearby the school with a rifle. Download Audio

‘I Sing, You Dance’ – Toksook Bay teen releases Yup’ik album

Seventeen-year-old Toksook Bay teen Byron Nicholai released an album recently. His Yup’ik songs have been popular in the YK Delta ever since he started uploading his performances to his Facebook page. Now they’re available on a variety of common online music sites. Download Audio

Salvation Army buys building to house Bethel headquarters

The Salvation Army finalized the purchased of a building in the Tundra Ridge area of Bethel Friday. Once operational, the building will offer a variety of services to the community. Download Audio

Salvation Army buys building to house Bethel headquarters

The Salvation Army finalized the purchased of a building in the Tundra Ridge area of Bethel Friday. Once operational, the building will offer a variety of services to the community. Download Audio

Newtok feeling nervous about relocation timeline

Residents in the small coastal village of Newtok in Southwest Alaska have been preparing to move as erosion eats away at their village. A dispute over who has tribal authority has slowed the process,but now that dispute has been decided by federal courts and a new set of tribal officials are getting the relocation effort underway again. With climate change accelerating the erosion many are getting anxious that the move can’t happen soon enough.

Remains of missing teen recovered by searchers

Alaska State Troopers say the remains of a 14-year-old Tuntutuliak girl, Ann Frank, were recovered by search and rescue volunteers on Monday.

Bethel Homeless Shelter Receives State Grant

Bethel Winter House was recently awarded a $29,000 grant from the state. The money comes through the Community Initiative Matching Grant Program, during a time of unprecedented statewide budget cuts.

Traditional Chief Paul John Passes Away

Association of Village Council Presidents Traditional Chief and Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Honorary Board Member Paul John of Toksook Bay has passed away. His family says he died in Anchorage this morning. His family says he was around 88-years-old. Download Audio

Learning to Sew With Seal Guts

Recently, about a dozen students gathered at the Cultural Center in Bethel to learn the traditional art of ‘gut sewing’. Seal intestines were prized throughout Yup’ik history for their waterproof performance before modern materials took hold. And now culture bearers are trying to bring back the skill. Download Audio