Brianna Gibbs, KMXT - Kodiak

Brianna Gibbs, KMXT - Kodiak
Brianna Gibbs is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

Congressional Candidates Talk Fish in Kodiak

Alaska’s congressional candidates descended on Kodiak Wednesday night for a debate that pinned candidates running for both the House and Senate against their opponents on a number of fisheries-related issues. Download Audio

NOAA Investigating Ferry, Humpback Collision

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration law enforcement officials are investigating a collision between the state ferry Kennicott and a humpback whale near Kodiak. The incident brought a multi-agency team of scientists to the island to help determine whether the collision caused the death of the sub-adult humpback whale. Download Audio

Learning Language Through Alutiiq Culture and Tradition

The Alutiiq Museum held a language immersion retreat this week in Kodiak. More than 30 participants gathered to learn traditional games and practice their language skills with speakers of all different generations. Download Audio

One Dead After Boat Refrigeration Leaks Chemicals

A refrigeration leak aboard a fishing vessel in Kodiak's St. Herman Harbor left one fisherman hospitalized and another dead on Wednesday.

Heroin, Meth Seized In Kodiak Arrests

Three Kodiak residents are behind bars and more heroin is off the streets after their arrest Monday afternoon.

Survivors Reflect On 1964 Earthquake

This is an important week for anniversaries of big disasters in Alaska history. Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Good Friday earthquake and tsunami. The 9.2 quake took lives and destroyed houses and infrastructure in Anchorage, Valdez, Seward and other communities. Download Audio

After Perfect Season, Kodiak Girls, Set Sight On Regions

The Kodiak High School girls basketball team wrapped up an undefeated regular season over the weekend. The Lady Bears are ranked number one among large schools in Alaska, and will be looking to advance to the state championship tournament with a good performance at regionals this weekend. The last time Coach Amy Fogle wrapped up an undefeated season, her team, the Kodiak High School boys, went on to win the state championship in the year 2000. Download Audio

Turning The Tide Against Marine Debris

It’s been about three years since the tsunami in Japan washed away entire towns, sending thousands of tons of debris out to sea. Less than eight months after the tsunami, items started showing up in Alaska and have continued to do so in the months and years since. It will still be a few months before clean up crews take to Kodiak’s beaches, but the planning process for those clean ups is already well under way. Download Audio

Kodiak Police Seize $120,000 Worth of Drugs

Two men have been arraigned in Kodiak District Court following a drug seizure over the weekend. Kodiak Police Chief Ronda Wallace said the drugs were seized during a search of two hotel rooms on Sunday and have an estimated street value of at least $120,000.

Kodiak Alum Receives Holiday Surprise from Teammates

It’s expensive to travel in and out of Alaska. And for Puni Timu, that price tag has kept her from seeing her parents for more than a year and a half. Puni went to Kodiak High School where she was a star player on the girls’ basketball team. When she graduated, she signed with the University of Jamestown’s basketball team in North Dakota. It’s been a long time since Puni last saw her parents and her teammates recently decided to something extraordinary for her. Download Audio

Austerman, Peterson Join Kodiak Assembly as Voters Approve Proposition One

Preliminary results from yesterday’s election are in, with 2,204 people casting their votes at Kodiak’s nine precincts.

Reduced Ferry Service Puts Strain On Kodiak Athletics

For almost a year the ferry Tustumena has been out of service for repairs, leaving much of Southwest Alaska accessible only by air. The Kennicott picked up additional sailings between Kodiak and Homer, but the impacts from reduced ferry service were still felt throughout the island. Now, as summer quickly fades into fall, classes are resuming at Kodiak High School and young athletes are starting to feel the impact as well. Listen Now

Former Alaska Aerospace Employee Sentenced in Anchorage

A former Alaska Aerospace Corporation employee was sentenced in Anchorage federal court on Monday for violating conflict of interest laws.

Singer-Songwriter Hears Call Of Alaska

Alaskan singer songwriter Marian Call has a new album out called “Marian Call Live In Europe.” The album grew out of an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $60,000 and sent her to Europe to perform and record a new album. Now she’s finishing up a statewide tour and about to set out to play music in the western Lower 48. Download Audio

Marine Debris Awareness Gets Second Symbol

It’s been about a year since Ophelia, the marine debris octopus, was built by Kodiak High School art students. The sculpture, which now resides in the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, was constructed using items collected from Kodiak beaches. Ophelia has become a mascot for marine debris clean up, and a vivid example of how much trash is circulating in the world’s oceans. But she won’t be the only example for long. Download Audio

Visting Artist Merges Theater With Academics

Students at the Kodiak High School and Middle School dabbled in theatric storytelling last week. A handful of classrooms participated in a two week artist in schools program that culminated with a presentation of their work on Thursday. Listen Now

video recording that went viral earlier this week has prompted an internal investigation by the Alaska Department of Public Safety. The 11-minute video was posted on YouTube Monday afternoon in Kodiak and shows a woman thrown to the ground by an Alaska State Trooper before being arrested.

Canister Containing Toxic Compound Washes Ashore Near Kodiak

A series of aluminum canisters have been washing up on the shores of Southeast Alaska, and more recently in the Kodiak Archipelago. Two were discovered on Afognak Island earlier this month and last week another was found on Queer Island, near Kalsin Bay. Download Audio

First Cruisers Of Season Find Kodiak ‘Courteous’

Cruise ship season has officially kicked off in Kodiak. The Crystal Symphony called on Alaska’s emerald isle early yesterday morning, and brought with it 480 passengers and 550 crew members. Despite the rain, hundreds of tourists were able to explore the downtown area. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs caught up with some of them and filed this report. Download Audio

Two Deaths In Kodiak Harbors Under Investigation

Two bodies were found on separate fishing vessels in two Kodiak harbors on Friday. Police Chief T.C. Kamai says there were no signs of trauma on either body, leading some to speculate they may be drug related, but Kamai said that can’t be confirmed until a toxicology screening is complete. Download Audio