Berett Wilber, KHNS - Haines

Berett Wilber, KHNS - Haines

New research illuminates “bear necessity” in Alaska’s berry patches

Two scientists using remote control cameras near Haines show that bears are making contributions to the forests in a peculiar way. They’re not just fertilizing seeds: They’re planting them. Listen now

Amid controversy, Skagway Assembly passes final lease understanding with White Pass

After months of work, the Skagway Assembly passed a final memorandum of understanding last week with White Pass Yukon Route Railroad, setting the stage for a new lease to extend the company’s control of the city’s waterfront. Listen now

Former Skagway tribal employee sentenced for embezzling $300,000 from tribe

A woman who embezzled over $300,000 from the Skagway Traditional Council was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison. Listen now

Seventeen students leave district during winter break

Teachers at the Haines School got a surprise when taking attendance for the first time the holidays: an unexpected number of their students were missing. Seventeen students didn’t return to the Haines School district after winter break. In total, that’s a little more than six percent of the remaining student body. Listen now

Old gold slows borough land selection

When it became a borough, Haines got to select land from the state. After waiting six years, it’s gotten a preliminary decision on its choices. Haines has decided to appeal the ruling that would deny them an old gold mine. Listen now

As kings suffer across Southeast, Chilkat Chinook candidate for “stock of concern”

For more than five years, Southeast’s iconic king salmon have been returning in fewer and fewer numbers. Managers with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are recommending Chilkat, Unuk and King Salmon River Chinooks become official “stocks of concern.” Listen now

Rural Alaska losing access to fisheries, report says

The increasing costs to get into Alaska’s fisheries are making it difficult for new fishermen to break into the business — especially in rural, coastal communities. Listen now

Tribal members want more authentic Native art in Haines

Chilkoot Indian Association members would like to see more Native art made by Native people for sale and on display in Haines. And they’d like to see less Native-style art made by people who aren’t tribal members. Listen now

In Haines, helping locals get health care pain-free

Health insurance can be expensive, boring, and frustrating. But for the next five weeks, the federal marketplace is open for people to buy care — and one Alaskan is on a mission to make sure those bad feelings can’t stop good coverage. Listen now

Fall eagle forecast on the rise

Raptors and bird enthusiasts alike flock to Haines for the Bald Eagle Festival, when the world’s highest concentration of eagles gathers on the Chilkat River. Last year, the bird count spiked — and numbers are even higher this year. Listen now

The Afterlife of Unalaska’s Bald Eagles

When bald eagles die in Unalaska, it’s the beginning of a long journey. Literally. Many of them travel thousands of miles and find second lives in the Lower 48, after a stop in a well-stuffed freezer.

Scientists find new clue in Steller sea lion decline

Scientists have finished another research season without solving the 40-year-old mystery of the Steller sea lion decline in the Aleutian Islands. Listen now
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M/V Tustumena back on the water

After 75-days in the shipyard, southwest Alaska’s ferry is finally back in the water. Listen now

Sand Point loses entire police force

Sand Point faces a problem with its police force: It doesn’t have one any more. Listen now

Competition for airspace between drones and eagles intensifies in Unalaska

While Unalaskans may be resigned prey for eagle attacks, advances in technology have introduce a less prepared victim: drones. Listen now

Underwater camera keeps an eye on Atka mackerel

Scientists are using an underwater camera to keep close tabs on Atka mackerel, to make sure there’s enough for endangered sea lions and commercial fisheries. Listen now

F/V Destination wreckage discovered

Wreckage from the F/V Destination has been found off St. George Island. The boat and its six crew members were fishing for snow crab when they disappeared on February 11. Listen now

Unalaska is the nation’s eagle attack capital. Why?

Unalaska is the national hot spot for bald eagle attacks. Biologists and law enforcement officials agree: You’re more likely to be attacked by a bald eagle here than anywhere else in the country. Listen now