Austin Fast, KDLG - Dillingham

Austin Fast, KDLG - Dillingham
A man in a hard hat works on a building.

New power plant will keep lights on in Togiak

Processing salmon comes to a standstill in Togiak as regular blackouts hit the small village, but there is a solution on the horizon. Listen now

Togiak’s slow but steady salmon run cracks record

Togiak has Bristol Bay’s smallest and latest salmon run, but it's following the Nushagak's lead and broke through 1980’s total run record of 1.2 million sockeye on Monday. Follow this set net crew out on the water in Togiak Bay. Listen now

Value of Bristol Bay salmon rises, even as the fish shrink

Bristol Bay’s strong salmon returns stand in stark contrast to other parts of Alaska where the fish have trickled in slowly or seemingly not at all. Statewide, though, fish of all species are coming in smaller. Listen now

Here’s why ice was a hot commodity in the Nushagak this summer

Many Bristol Bay salmon processors give bonuses to fishermen who can chill the fish sitting in their boat’s hold. That’s not so easy, though, when ice is in short supply. Listen now

How ‘pickers’ and ‘lickers’ help Bristol Bay’s fleet

Every couple of days during salmon season, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports how many sockeye from each age class are returning to Bristol Bay. Listen now

New Nushagak king salmon derby promotes native culture

A new salmon derby on the Nushagak River this week raised $100,000 to help Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholders pursue higher education and to fund cultural heritage grants around the region. Listen now