Anne Brice, KCAW - Sitka


AK: Tlingit Dance

Dancing can be a celebration, an expression of joy or sorrow, or a way to tell a story. For one man in Sitka, it's a way to teach people about his Native culture and values, and to carry on his tradition. With elders in the community growing older or already gone, he says it's his responsibility to learn and pass along the teachings to the younger generation so they grow up proud to be Tlingit. Download Audio

AK: Sea Star Mystery

A trip to the coast usually means you’re going to see sea stars, but a mysterious disease is killing them along the West Coast. There had been a few reports of sick sea stars in Alaska, but recently in Sitka, the first mass die offs in the state were detected. Scientists in Sitka are tracking the progress. Download Audio

AK: Girls On The Run

To a lot of us, running seems like work, or at least exercise. But for a group of girls in Sitka, running is actually pretty fun. They’re part of an after-school program that combines running with learning important life lessons. It’s encouraged one fifth-grader to dream about her future. Download Audio

AK: Going Bald

When you’re a teenager, looks matter. But one girl in Sitka decided that those concerns were trivial, and shaved her head for a cause much bigger than herself. By choosing to go bald, she was supporting childhood cancer research across the U.S. Download Audio

Sitka Library Receives Heartfelt Donation

Kettleson Library in Sitka has been planning an expansion project for the past decade, using a combination of public and private funding. On Saturday, the library staff announced a big boost to that cause. Download Audio

Vaccinations To Stifle Rise In Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is on the rise in Alaska. It’s been moving up the coast from California, and in March, caused the death of an infant in Western Alaska. But there are ways to avoid catching the highly contagious bacterial infection. Download Audio

OB Services Reborn At Sitka Hospital

Sitka Community Hospital — like most hospitals — delivers babies. But that hasn’t always been the case. For about two years, from 2009 to 2011, a lack of properly qualified physicians shutdown its obstetrics program. KCAW’s Anne Brice looks at how the return of obstetrics has made a difference for expectant moms. Download Audio

AK: Prom

This week on AK: Prom. Getting ready for prom can be a time-consuming process, and finding the right dress isn’t easy, especially when you live in rural Alaska.

FDA Considers Approving Genetically Engineered Salmon

The FDA is considering approving genetically engineered, or GE, salmon to be sold in the U.S. Senator Mark Begich last week introduced two bills in the Senate that would ban these new salmon. And a group of Sitka residents held a demonstration against GMO salmon last weekend.

Housing Homeless Youth Takes Trust, Love

Taking care of the homeless is an ongoing problem in Alaska and it’s not limited to adults. There is also a large, and less visible, population of homeless kids. During the day they might be in school, indistinguishable from other students. But at night, they’re couch surfers. These kids may be avoiding an unsafe situation at home, or they’re over 18 — between childhood and adulthood — and simply have no options.

Yakutat Dog Survives Fall, 24 Hours In Well

On the afternoon of Friday, January 4th, nine-year old Tinaa went on a walk in Yakutat, like she did most days. When she didn’t come home that evening, the family wasn’t really worried.

‘Strong Women’ Class Takes Student On Journey Of Self Discovery

We all know that growing up can be tough. The pressure to fit in can be overwhelming; so can the feeling of isolation when you don’t. Last year, sixteen-year-old Veronica Nelson took a class at Sitka’s alternative school called “Strong Women,” that took her on a journey of self discovery. KCAW’s Anne Brice has her story. For parents, some of the themes discussed in this piece may be unsuitable for very young listeners.

Sitka Teens Working on Communication Skills

Teenage years are filled with change, and navigating relationships among peers is a big part of everyday life. Bullying and violence are just some of the pressures they face. In Sitka, a group of teens is pushing back against this norm by practicing open and honest communication.

Sitka Artist Wins $50,000 Fellowship

33-year-old Alaska Native artist Nicholas Galanin of Sitka has won a $50,000 fellowship for artistic excellence. The national artists’ advocacy organization, United States Artists – or USA – awarded Galanin the USA Rasmuson Fellowship in the Crafts and Traditional Arts category. The group announced the 54 grant recipients – who included visual artists, writers and musicians – Monday in Los Angeles.

Personal Boundaries: Learning the Importance of ‘No’

From a young age, kids learn how to stay safe. They memorize their phone numbers, learn about stranger danger, wear helmets when they ride their bikes. But some of the things they learn are more subtle, like to trust their intuition.

Young & Impressionable: The Effect Of Domestic Violence On Children

Children’s brains are like sponges. They soak up languages and absorb impressions of the world. But this also means their minds retain bad experiences, like domestic violence. Prevention programs in Sitka are working with young kids to give them the tools they need to process feelings and become more resilient. In part one of a two-part series, KCAW’s Anne Brice explores programs that aim to create personal connections through group activities.

Beware…The Haunted Ship Awaits!

The Haunted Ship is back in Sitka. After a several-year hiatus, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Maple is inviting everyone to weave through its dark, narrow hallways Thursday and Friday evening.

Local Eats For A High School In Sitka

It’s National Farm to School Month, and a high school in Sitka is celebrating by serving locally grown food to its students. Not only did they get to eat the fresh fare, they also gathered and prepared it themselves.

‘Paris’ Exhibit Celebrates Sitka’s Past And Present

Sitka’s Historical Society and Museum has opened a new exhibit. It’s not your typical show – it reflects a change in direction that some museums are taking, and Sitka’s curator is leading the way.

1 Injured In Sitka Coast Guard Boiler Explosion

A civilian contractor was injured Wednesday at Coast Guard Air Station Sitka when a biomass boiler exploded in the station’s main hangar. This incident happened at about 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. The injured man was transported by local EMS to the hospital.