Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Juneau

Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Juneau
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Senate Passes Bill Blocking Federal Gun Regulations

Earlier this spring, Alaska lawmakers attracted national attention when they introduced legislation that would allow for the arrest of federal agents charged with enforcing gun control laws. On Wednesday, the Senate passed a version of the bill that gets rid of the controversial provision.

Senate Approves Creation of a “Silver Alert” System

A bill setting up a missing persons alert system for seniors with Alzheimer's, veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, and other vulnerable adults passed the Alaska State Senate on Wednesday, after already getting approval in the House.

For Alaska Cities, Lobbying Pays

The Alaska State Legislature is putting the finishing touches on a $2 billion capital budget. Even though it’s small in comparison to previous years, it still funds hundreds of projects big and small across the state. But how do lawmakers decide which ones take priority? APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez takes a look at how one set of players figure into that process: lobbyists. Download Audio

Senate Passes Controversial Abortion Bill

Right now, the state of Alaska is obligated to provide Medicaid funding for all "medically necessary" abortions. Today the Senate passed a bill that would narrow that definition.

House Considers Scrapping Knik Arm Bridge And Toll Authority

The future of the Knik Arm bridge project is now in question. A bill advancing the project was pulled from floor consideration last night, and now a member of the House majority is pushing for a change that would take away the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority's independence.

Audit Deems KABATA Project “Unreasonably Optimistic”

An audit of the Knik Arm bridge finds that the agency handling the project has "overstated" its traffic forecasts. Government auditors expect substantially less toll revenue as a result, leaving the state at risk of having to make up the shortfall.

Interview: Gov.Parnell Explains Fiscal Plan

With less than two weeks of the session to go, Gov. Sean Parnell is watching how the legislature treats the state's budget and major bills affecting tax policy and energy projects.

Protesters Rally Against Oil Tax Plan

As protests against legislation overhauling the state's oil tax structure were held across the state today, the bill continues to evolve inside the Capitol building. The latest version would lower taxes even more than the last one.

Tenure Bill Passes The Alaska House

The Alaska House passed legislation that would change the tenure system for urban teachers, extending their probationary period from three years to five.

Oil Tax Overhaul May Cost As Much As $5 Billion Over Next 6 Years

The most recent version of oil tax overhaul has a new price tag: almost $5 billion over the next six years. Download Audio

Gov. Parnell Not Concerned About Oil Company Testimony On Tax Changes

With less than two weeks left to the regular session, legislators are focusing their attention on the budget and with getting to a vote on major bills- like oil tax reform. Governor Sean Parnell sat down with APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez to talk about what he would like to see in these final days. Download Audio

Legislators Interrupt Normal Business to Discuss Funny Faces, Toilet Humor

The day after a vote on a major infrastructure project, the House majority didn't tout their political win. Instead, messaging focused on childish behavior from a Fairbanks Democrat during debate on the legislation.

In-State Gasline Bill Passes House Vote

In a late-night vote on Monday, the Alaska House passed legislation meant to advance the construction of a small-diameter pipeline. It would transport natural gas from the North Slope to Southcentral for Alaskan consumption and, potentially, for export. Download Audio

House Passes In-State Gasline Bill

In a literal eleventh hour vote on Monday night, the Alaska House passed legislation meant to advance the construction of a small-diameter pipeline.

State Senate Passes Crime Bill

The State Senate unanimously passed the governor's crime package on Monday. The bill is meant to combat Alaska's high rates of domestic and sexual violence. Download Audio

Lawmakers Anticipating Fewer Capital Projects, Savings Withdrawals

On Thursday, the Alaska State Senate passed its operating budget, and it’s slightly smaller than the one proposed by Governor Sean Parnell. Parnell hopes to see more budgets like that in the future. He’s proposed a five-year commitment to keep state general fund spending at $6.8 billion. Combined with his oil tax plan, the proposal could mean a combination of belt-tightening measures and big withdrawals from Alaska’s savings accounts. Download Audio

Young Responds to Ethics Investigation

Congressman Don Young says he's not worried about an investigation into whether he violated ethics rules. Download Audio

Fewer Alaska Kids May Have Access To Pre-School

Education advocates have long promoted pre-school as a way of closing the achievement gap between rich and poor students, and this year the president named expanding early education programs as one of his top priorities in his State of the Union address. But here in Alaska, fewer kids could have access to pre-school due to budget cuts. Download Audio

First Lady Speaks Against Public Safety Cut

A move to reduce funding for a new sex trafficking investigation unit has one high-profile critic: Alaska First Lady Sandy Parnell. Download Audio

Tenure Bill Rankles State Teacher Unions

A bill that would require a longer probationary period for teachers has attracted opposition from labor organizations, who say it's an attack on job security.