Alaska World Affairs Council

Alaska World Affairs Council

The Alaska World Affairs Council is a focused educational organization dedicated to stimulating interest in world affairs and inspiring its members to be involved in world events. The council was founded in 1958 by the late Evangeline Atwood with the conviction that better community education in world affairs is necessary for sound democratic citizenship. The Council does not take a stand on current-day issues but rather provides the population a wide spectrum of viewpoints and background information through its diverse range of programs and activities.

I Can See Russia From Here: 25th Anniversary of the ‘Friendship Flight’

Alaska World Affairs Council Friendship Flight We are really looking forward to our program celebrating the opening of the air border between the US and Soviet Union 25 years ago. The Alaska World Affairs Council is bringing former Governor Steve Cowper back to Alaska to talk with Willie Hensley and Lt. Governor Treadwell about the memorable event.

Special Report: Asian Energy Markets and Alaska

In this special report, Lise Falskow, CEO of the the Alaska World Affairs Council discusses Asian energy markets with expert Mikkal Herberg. Mikkal Herberg is a senior lecturer on international and Asian energy at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego. Learn more.

Special Report: Does Iran’s Nuclear Program Matter?

In this special report, Lise Falskow, CEO of the the Alaska World Affairs Council discusses Iran and its nuclear program with Iranian expert Farideh Farhi. Farhi is an independent scholar and affiliate graduate faculty member of political science at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Learn more.

U.S. Energy Tax Policy and the Alaskan Economy

In this special report, Lise Falskow, CEO of the the Alaska World Affairs Council discusses the Alaska economy with Dr. Margo Thorning. Dr. Margo Thorning is senior vice president and chief economist with the American Council for Capital Formation and director of research for its public policy think tank. Learn more.

Can America and the Muslim World be Friends?

As a Fellow of Muslim Politics and Societies at the Center on National Security at Fordham Law, Haroon Moghul is a world-renown expert on Islam in the modern world. As a current doctoral candidate at Columbia University, Mr. Moghul’s research focus is Islamic thought in late colonial India. However, he has spoken around the world on topics including Islamic history and culture, contemporary politics in the Muslim world, and radicalism and religious identity. Click for more info.

What About Iran?

The Alaska World Affairs Council is proud to present Dr. Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council on February 10, 2012. Dr. Parsi, an award-winning author and expert on Iran and the Middle East, will speak on the subject of his latest book: "A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama's Diplomacy with Iran". Learn more.

The Last, Best Chance for North American Energy Security

For a pragmatic discussion of energy security in the United States, the Alaska World Affairs Council is pleased to announce the fourth program of the Northrim Bank Oil and Gas Series. Energy analyst Kevin Book specializes in answering the questions “What happens next?” and “What will it mean?” on issues from oil and gas to climate and emissions policies. Learn more.

Norway Policy Tour Report

Last Friday over 100 Alaskans gathered in the Hilton’s Chart Room for a report on Institute of the North’s Norway Policy Tour. In August 2011, 45 people, including 12 Alaskan legislators, traveled around the Scandinavian nation to speak with individuals involved on all levels of Norway’s oil and gas production. Learn more.

Learning from Norway’s success with Oil and Gas

Can Alaska Learn from Norway's Oil and Gas Success? On January 13th, the Alaska World Affairs Council will present a panel discussion in Anchorage where Alaskan industry experts will discuss that very question. Learn more.

Oil and Gas Speakers Series Continues

The Alaska World Affairs Council is proud to present the second of our Northrim Bank Oil and Gas Series. These events throughout the 2011-2012 season are designed to keep Alaskans abreast of what is going on in the global oil and gas industry and community. This program will feature Marta Jara, President and Director General for the Shell companies in Mexico. The program, entitled, Global LNG - A Shell View, begins at noon at the Hilton Hotel on Friday, December 9. Find out more.

The Great Game: Afghanistan

Cyrano's Theatre Company, in partnership with the Alaska World Affairs Council, proudly presents a reading from The Great Game: Afghanistanon Thursday, November 17th at 7 PM at Cyrano's Off Center Playhouse. It is the hope of this reading that audiences will learn more about how the policy has evolved and how lessons from the past could be used for more informed action in the future and to give audiences a better understanding of the culture and history of a country that remains high-up on the global news agenda. Read more.

Share Our Strength Founder to Speak in Anchorage

More than 17 million kids in America are at risk of hunger. That’s nearly 1 in 4. What is being done to combat this epidemic that continues to plague the nation? On Friday, October 7th, Share Our Strength founder and executive director Billy Shore will be in Anchorage addressing the Alaska World Affairs Council about this very topic. Read more.