Alaska Community Foundation

Alaska Community Foundation

The Alaska Community Foundation partners with donors and communities to improve the quality of life for all.

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Recognizing Alaskan Leadership

We’ve all heard it before – Alaska is one-fifth the size of the Lower-48, larger than Texas, California and Montana combined! Our state’s immense size means that Alaskans face unique challenges given the landscape and distances between communities. This is particularly true for rural communities, where feelings of isolation are all too common. Additionally, Alaska’s climate is not for the faint-at-heart. Below-zero temperatures, gale force winds, torrential rains and minimal daylight hours can all contribute to the “winter blues." Read more

Capacity Building Grants For Sustainability

acf mike walsh Learning to run an effective and efficient charitable organization does not happen overnight. As previously relied upon funding streams disappear, it’s imperative the nonprofit community finds innovative and sustainable ways to continue providing our much needed and relied upon services. For many of us, writing a grant for $3,000 dollars isn’t worth the effort. Read more.

Living & Giving Locally

Candace Winkler and Jessie Menkens take a break from their work. A wildlife habitat and natural wetland, the Campbell Creek estuary will offer Anchorage locals an opportunity to step out into the wilderness of Alaska. A perfect place to take a quiet stroll, the natural trails needed for such an activity had yet to be constructed. That’s where we came in. Our job that Friday: to move gravel from one place to another. Read more.

Maintaining the Highest Standards in Philanthropy

ACF National Standards The Alaska Community Foundation is proud to announce that we have been re-certified as an organization meeting the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity and accountability. The program is designed to provide quality assurance to donors, as well as to their legal and financial advisors, who entrust charitable assets to the organization. Learn more.

Announcing Four New Affiliate Communities

The Alaska Community Foundation has announced four new Affiliate community foundations – Kodiak Community Foundation, Ketchikan Community Foundation, Greater Sitka Legacy Fund and Golden Heart Community Foundation (Fairbanks and surrounding areas). With support from the Rasmuson Foundation, the newly formed Affiliates will provide leadership for the formation of a permanent community endowment that will support local philanthropic goals now and years into the future. Learn more.

Supporting our Alaskan Olympic Athletes

The pursuit of Olympic dreams is often accompanied by a hefty price tag. To support their efforts, the Alaska Winter Olympians Scholarship, a fund of The Alaska Community Foundation, recently awarded $10,000 to five current and aspiring Alaskan winter Olympians. Read more.

Recognizing the Impact of Community Foundations

During the week of November 12, 2012, The Alaska Community Foundation will join more than 700 community foundations across the U.S. for National Community Foundation Week to tell the stories of lives changed, jobs created, and communities transformed through philanthropy’s partnership with private and public community leaders and organizations. In celebration, throughout the week, ACF will be using social media to share stories from donors, grants, staff and Board members. Read more.

A New Capacity Building Grant Program for Alaska Nonprofits

The Alaska Community Foundation is now accepting applications for the Capacity Building for Charitable Organizations (CBCO) grant program. The program offers a unique opportunity for eligible nonprofit organizations to apply for grants to build capacity in the areas of leadership development, organizational development, program development, collaboration and community engagement, and effectiveness evaluation. Read more.

Announcing the Alaska Crib Swap

Child care facilities across Alaska have a Dec. 28, 2012 deadline to replace existing unsafe cribs. To help in this effort, the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) has partnered with thread to launch the Alaska Crib Swap as part of thread’s “Safe Sleep for Alaska’s Babies” campaign. Read more.

Howard Weaver: Whatever Happened to Facts?

In a world where everyone seems to find their own set of facts somewhere out there on "the Internet," how can communities find common grounds around which to organize discussion, debate, and decision-making? Weaver will explore this and other questions with participants next Wednesday. The Alaska Community Foundation invites you to join us for a discussion about journalism in the 21st century with former ADN editor Howard Weaver. Read more.

Community Philanthropy Initiative Expanded

The Alaska Community Foundation and the Rasmuson Foundation have announced the extension of a collaborative initiative designed to grow philanthropy in communities across Alaska. The Community Asset Building Initiative was launched by both ACF and Rasmuson Foundation in 2007 and led to the establishment of five funds serving the Chilkat Valley, Talkeetna, Petersburg, Seward and the Kenai Peninsula. With this announcement, ACF officially begins its process to identify three to four more Alaska communities interested in this approach to local philanthropy. Learn more.

National Philanthropy Day

In order to grow philanthropy in Alaska, we need to have a true understanding of what Alaskans and our communities across the state need to be successful. One way we work to help build community is by providing opportunities for community members and our fund advisors to have open conversations about community issues. Over the past year we have hosted dozens of “Conversations about causes that matter.” The topics we have discussed range from childhood hunger to healthcare to family philanthropy. Read more.

Alaska Children’s Trust endowment moves to ACF

The Alaska Children's Trust's nearly $11 million endowment, formerly managed by the Alaska Department of Revenue, was granted to The Alaska Community Foundation for the benefit of the Alaska Children's Trust as of July 1. Read more.

Celebrating the spirit of Alaska’s generosity

The Alaska Community Foundation is committed to growing philanthropy throughout Alaska. We are comprised of component funds created by individuals, families, organizations and communities who desire to give back to the state that has given much to them. Learn more about ACF

An Open Invitation to Join the Conversation

It's easy to become a Town Square 49 contributor. Whether you're a Nonprofit, a Civic Organization, or a business in service of Alaskans - this is your invitation to participate as a digital storyteller.