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Ask an Economist: Why are Alaska oil prices higher than the Lower 48?

Alaska oil is selling at a higher price than oil produced in the Lower 48. Why are the prices so different?

Ask an Economist: Earthquake recovery will help economy, but not enough to end recession

Economic activity driven by last month's major earthquake is not going to pull the state out of recession.

Consumer confidence surveys show positive signs — what does that really mean?

How much people may be willing to spend at businesses is important for the local economy. Consumer confidence surveys are an attempt to measure this. And, in Alaska right now, they're showing positive signs. But, there's more to the story.

After earthquake, Anchorage businesses clean up, assess damage

After a weekend of cleanup, many businesses are re-opening. But not everyone has the all-clear yet.

Quake’s closeness contributed to stronger shaking

This was a big earthquake. But, for Alaska, the size wasn't that unusual. What made it a big deal was the proximity to people and buildings. 

Anchorage School Board votes to close Mount Spurr Elementary School

The board heard emotional testimony from several people opposed to the closure, but ultimately voted 5-2 in favor of shutting the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson elementary school.
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Can you hold for a minute? State replaces default music with songs by Alaska artists

Five songs by Alaska artists will now cycle through the state's hold music, thanks to a new effort called the Alaska Music On Hold Project.

Udder surprise: Loose cow startles Anchorage cyclists

Cyclists were perplexed when a bovine creature turned up on a popular Anchorage bike trail. Listen now

Open enrollment for individual health insurance begins Nov. 1

For the second year in a row, Alaska residents will see cheaper monthly rates. But, insurance rates remain high, compared to most other states in the country. Listen now

Anchorage Archdiocese addressing possible sexual abuse with independent review

The Catholic Archdiocese in Anchorage announced Wednesday it will take a close look at possible sexual abuse within the church. Listen now

New report compares Alaska’s recession to other energy-dependent states

While recessions in other energy-dependent states have come and gone, Alaska’s economy has yet to recover. Listen now

Apology from Gov. Walker over historical trauma highlights day one of annual AFN convention

The first day of the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Anchorage saw protests and a high-level apology. Listen now

Assessing the state of Alaska’s recession

Alaska’s economy has been in recession for three years now. But 2019 may be a turning point. Listen now

Keeping bears and people separate at Haines’ Chilkoot River

Like much of Alaska, the mountains and woods around Haines are home to many bears. For the most part, people try to avoid them. But there’s one spot where people seek them out. Listen now
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Klukwan man survives two days lost in woods after losing way while berry picking

On Friday, a Klukwan resident set out to pick blueberries in the Upper Chilkat Valley. When he didn’t return, an extensive search began. After two days alone in the woods, he was found alive and well. Listen now

Alaska House candidate Hart asks voters not to consider him

A Haines candidate for Alaska House District 33 is asking the public not to vote for him. Listen now

The squid or the whale? Reported giant squid in Lynn Canal actually decomposing whale

On Tuesday morning, a fisherman called the U.S. Coast Guard to report a giant squid on the West side of Lynn Canal, near St. James Bay. Listen now

In Haines, remote court proceedings frustrate law enforcement

The Alaska Court System is one of many agencies impacted by state budget cuts. For rural communities like Haines, where residents are already separated from some court services, the impacts of a shrinking budget are compounding existing frustrations. Listen now

University Regents advance Chilkat Valley timber sale in 9-1 vote

The University of Alaska is moving forward with a controversial Haines-area timber sale. Listen now