AKPM partnered with the Mountain View Library to bring 21 children into the Mt View Library for a 4-day Odd Squad Be The Agent camp. Throughout the day, they were Odd Squad Agents, using STEM skills to solve odd problems and strange cases.  The camp ran for 4 full days.

Day 1 – Full day

Daily Parent Letter – Day 1

9:00 am Gather and Get Ready
9:15 am Welcome to Camp
9:30 am Becoming an Agent
10:00 am Case 1: The Case of Common Chris
11:00 am The Odd Report (Recap/Review)
11:15 am Snack Time
11:30 am Digital Adventure Time
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Outdoor/Play Time
(1:00 pm) (Optional dismissal for half-day camps)
1:00 pm Case 2: The Return of Symmetric Al
2:00 pm The Odd Report – Late Edition (Recap/Review)
2:15 pm Gadget Lab
2:45 pm Snack Time 2
3:00 pm Outdoor/Play Time
3:30 or 4:00 pm Dismissal