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See how Alaska Public Media’s Ready to Learn programs impacted the children in the Anchorage area.


AKPM hosted a 2-day Molly of Denali Family & Community Learning (FCL) workshop! Utilizing the Molly of Denali video content and games to complement learning through hands on, real-world experiences.  The learning focus for this workshop was on informational text.  Informational text is text whose primary purpose is to convey information. Informational text can be printed or written words, images, oral language, videos, websites, etc.

Kids learn virtually at the Ruff Ruffman structured learning science camp

The Ruff Ruffman Camp

AKPM partnered with the 21st Century Program to bring The Ruff Ruffman camp to the ASD summer school program where the kids will learn core science concepts through videos, game-play, and hands-on activities.  They will take on challenges, and learns the value of failure—all while modeling science inquiry skills. More information on the Ruff Ruffman camp.

Ready Jet Go Space Camp

AKPM partnered with the Anchorage Museum to bring 25 children into the Anchorage Museum for a 5-day Ready Jet Go Space camp where the children will use creative play, exploration and hands-on tools to explore characteristics of Earth, such as soil, water, and air; Investigate how people change their environment to meet their needs.

Alaska Public Media and 4H Bethel’s PBS Camp

PBS and Anchorage School District provide a space exploration spring break camp

Molly of Denali Pop Up With ASD

Kwan Family Story of Impact

Tyler’s Ready to Learn Story

Molly of Denali Visits Students at Dena’ina Elementary School and Meadow Lakes Elementary Schools

Anchorage Museum Ready Jet Go Space Camp

AKPM Molly of Denali PBS Education Pop Up at the Alaska Native Heritage Center

Play and Learn with Science Family Workshop at Woodlands Park Boys and Girls Club.