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Create your own Molly of Denali Mini Museum

Hello Friend!

I’m Molly! I live in Qyah, Alaska. I’m Gwich’in/Koyukon/
Dena’ina and we do lots of outdoor things like dog-sledding,
ice-fishing, volcano-watching and moose-calling.
I recently visited a museum about Alaska and Alaska
Native people and learned a lot about my community. I heard
that you are going to create a museum about your community
too. How exciting!
Museums about community and culture are often
filled with artifacts. An artifact is an item made by
humans that has special meaning. Let’s use this museum
planner to create our own artifacts! Mahsi’ choo! Let’s go!

– Molly

Watch the videos below to get started on your museum today:

Video: Learning About Animals

Video: Exploring your Community

Video: Celebrating Family Traditions

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