A group of elders participate in an exercise class in an indoor pool.

For older Alaskans, exercise classes build community

Many older Alaskans are building community, battling isolation and staying healthy in exercise classes.
Nurses wear PPE at Providence Hospital in Anchorage

Fighting COVID-19 at home and in Alaska’s largest hospital | Alaska Insight

The number of coronavirus infections in Alaska is growing. And as the disease continues its spread across the state, it’s impacting more and more Alaskans.

Alaska Black History: celebrating Blanche McSmith and Willard Bowman as early voices for justice

https://youtu.be/AZlmE9fhnfA There is a long history of Black people coming to Alaska for a wide range of opportunities, working hard and making a name for...
home builders

Does Alaska have an affordable housing crisis?

Across the state, homebuilding and vacancy rates are down. Rent, mortgage rates and home prices are up.

Breaking Down the Governor’s 2021 Budget | Alaska Insight

Governor Mike Dunleavy released his budget proposal in mid-December, and it looks starkly different from the fiscal plan he put forward...

With knowledge of his ancestors, young leader looks to ANCSA’s future

Aaron Tolen has tribal and ANCSA regional corporation affiliations across the state. He aims to balance a modern education with the values and traditions of his people, so he can continue to feel grounded in his culture and also experience success in a contemporary way.

Alaskan farmers get creative with growing food sustainably

https://youtu.be/7fOPc3vhtb0 The definition of farming has expanded over time from soil-only planting and harvesting to include farmers that harvest from the sea. Along the coast,...
Boats at port with mountains in the background

How the largest fishing port in the nation is responding to COVID-19 and incoming seasonal workers | Alaska Insight

As businesses across the state reopen, the Aleutian Islands community of Unalaska in the fishing port of Dutch Harbor faces the dual...

What is Ballot Measure 2 proposing to change about Alaska’s voting process?

https://youtu.be/ij355LWqqfM Candidates aren't the only boxes on the ballot come November 4th. Ballot measure 2 seeks to shift elections from primaries to ranked choice voting,...

New recovery center in Mat-Su addresses addiction amid pandemic

https://youtu.be/LwNWQGOmTH4 The number of Alaskans struggling with substance abuse and addiction has grown over the last year, and all too often treatment options were either...

Anchorage volunteer lobbyist fights for public education

The word 'lobbyist' is often paired with 'fat-cat'. But here in Alaska, it's not just the paid lobbyists who...
A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

What you need to know about the constitutional convention question

Questions about the permanent fund dividend, Alaska’s fiscal woes, and abortion access have some advocating to vote "yes" on the once a decade ballot question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"
Youth dance at AFN conference in Anchorage.

Tribes aim to ask voters for state recognition

Across the US, only 10% of Indigenous tribes with federal recognition also have recognition from their respective state governments. In Alaska, tribal members aim to change that. Last year, they organized to collect tens of thousands signatures in support of a ballot initiative that would ask voters to decide. Supporters say the recognition opens up doors for more resources and symbolizes a respectful government-to-government relationship.

Novel Coronavirus 101: What you need to know

First detected in December in Wuhan, China, the novel coronavirus has infected thousands of people in China and has spread to other...

After four special sessions, Alaska’s budget solutions remain elusive

As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.
A burning piece of cardboard is placed into a large furnace

New biomass furnace saves money and fossil fuel in Ambler, Alaska

The installation of a biomass furnace system in Ambler, a rural village off the road system, is set to save the community more than $50,000 a year.
A view of 4th Ave in Anchorage from a rooftop.

2022 Destination Assessment proposes ways to make Anchorage more appealing

Destination development consultant Roger Brooks presented eight initiatives on how to make Anchorage more appealing to visitors and residents.

Metlakatla adapts to drought with grassroots conservation efforts

When you think of extremely dry conditions, California wildfires probably come to mind. But in 2018, some parts of...

A new generation of women in the trades are being trained in Anchorage | Alaska Insight

When you picture a carpenter, a man likely comes to mind. But women are increasingly attracted to the field’s high wages and the opportunity...