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Tuesdays at 10 a.m. (LIVE) repeating at 8 p.m. Alaska’s only statewide call-in forum for discussing the issues impacting life on the Last Frontier. Politics, science, culture and current events are covered by hosts from the Alaska Public Media news team along with guests and callers. Call 550-8422 (Anchorage) or 1-800-478-8255 (statewide) during the live broadcast.

A small heard of musk ox in field with low mountains around

Talk of Alaska: Arctic experts discuss newest five-year research plan

As the Arctic experiences unprecedented warming and other impacts from climate change, federal agencies tasked with overseeing research in the region are coordinating with local communities and researchers to determine the best path forward.
two staff from CITC lead a class on suicide intervention

Talk of Alaska: Crisis Now and mental health resources

When you're in the middle of a mental health crisis you need help immediately but options are often limited and inappropriate. Organizations around Alaska are working to change that and connect people with the support they need.

Talk of Alaska: Holiday greetings across the state returns for annual two-hour special

Talk of Alaska’s “Holiday Greetings from Across the State” returns once again to connect Alaskans statewide as they share winter well wishes.
A child stands with a sign that says: I am a future shareholder.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: The next generation of leaders looks forward

As the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act approaches, shareholders in and outside the state are reflecting on the landmark legislation and how it’s evolved over time. Despite the successes, problems remain, including how younger generations of Alaska Natives will be included.

Talk of Alaska: The misinformation pandemic

Vaccines and booster shots are widely available, but less than 60% of eligible Alaskans are fully vaccinated. Many doctors feel inaccurate information and conspiracy theories are a big part of the problem. How are they working to help their patients believe in the facts?
A woman stands behind a counter with a mask on.

Talk of Alaska: How will supply constraints affect holiday shopping for Alaskans?

Alaska businesses are facing another holiday season of pandemic problems, this time from shipping delays and price increases that are rippling across the national and international economy.
Three caribou stand on the tundra.

Talk of Alaska: ‘A Thousand Trails Home’ and other winter titles

As the cold and dark part of our season settles in, join us for a discussion on Seth Kantner’s writing and other new Alaska author releases for winter reading.
A map of Alaska shows ANCSA corporation boundaries.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: The role of Native corporations in Alaska’s economy

Fifty years ago, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act established regional and village corporations throughout the state. In the second of our three-part discussion of ANCSA, we’ll speak with corporate executives about the economic and cultural impact the corporations have on not just Alaska Native lives, but on all Alaskans.

Talk of Alaska: Resources for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing housing insecurity

Queer and trans youth are at increased risk of homelessness across the nation. In Alaska, limited resources compound the problem, and that makes it more likely young people will become chronically homeless. How are advocates working to address the shortfalls?
students sitting at desks

Talk of Alaska: Now back in the classroom, Alaska’s students are falling behind

Now that they're back in the classroom, the long term impacts of virtual learning and social isolation are making themselves known. Teachers are reporting issues with learning loss, with students falling behind where they should be academically, and behavior.
A crane lifts a conex

Talk of Alaska: Supply line delay impacts in Alaska

International and national shipping delays are rippling down the supply line to Alaska. What’s causing the issues, and what does it mean for consumers and businesses in our state?
A man in a vest speaks into a microphone.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: Behind the history of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is 50 years old in December and the economic effect of the Native Corporations ripples across the state, representing an increasingly larger piece of the state’s economy and jobs.
People stand in line, inside, where a sign reads: Permanent Fund Dividend.

What’s in store for the PFD?

Permanent Fund Dividends will arrive soon, but the plan to pay for them going forward hasn’t materialized. Legislators have yet to agree on a solution, despite starting a fourth special session and a list of recommendations made by a bipartisan working group this summer.

Cold Mountain Path and the stories behind one of Alaska’s most scenic ghost towns

In his newest book, longtime Alaska writer Tom Kizzia explores the history of McCarthy, digging into the bygone days of the tiny community nestled into Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Cold Mountain Path explores forgotten stories of mining, homesteading and loss.

LISTEN: What do low chum returns mean for Yukon River subsistence?

Chum salmon numbers collapsed this fall on the Yukon River and all subsistence and commercial salmon fishing was shut down. That left fishermen and families without a vital source of income and food for the coming winter.
A mostly empty hospital hallway

LISTEN: Hospitals are filling up thanks to COVID-19

Alaska hospitals are in crisis. The state is setting new records for COVID case numbers and hospitalizations, overwhelming medical facilities and forcing providers to make difficult decisions about who gets an ICU bed and who has to wait. What needs to happen to bring things back to a manageable level?
a person holds a tray of food on a restaurant deck

LISTEN: Labor, supply lines and economic outlook

With no more federal relief coming, what do economists see on the horizon for Alaska’s labor shortage? How much did tourism’s return over the summer make up for the last year of deep loss? Was it enough to help businesses survive the winter? How does the pandemic continue to affect supply lines and commerce?

LISTEN: There will be shrooms

For many Alaskans, fall’s cooler temperatures and wet weather signal the peak of mushroom season. Two regional fungus festivals are happening this month, and whether you're a veteran forager or a budding mycologist, there’s so much to learn about and discover in the woods and your own backyard.
A group of children play in puddles.

LISTEN: Kids and COVID-19 — what do parents need to know?

Students are back in school amid rising COVID-19 cases and community divisions over how to keep them safe.

LISTEN: Housing concerns persist as another pandemic winter approaches

For Alaskans who experience homelessness, the looming colder weather creates additional stress. What are the plans in Anchorage and across Alaska to ensure that residents without stable housing have help?