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Local guests discuss community issues and take listener calls during this LIVE call-in show. Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions and cultural groups. Hosted by Kathleen McCoy and Dr. E.J. David. If you have a topic that could be discussed on Hometown, Alaska send your suggestion to: hometown@alaskapublic.org

Hometown Alaska: Sobriety Awareness Month

cleaning. To a lot of people in Alaska, though, April is also Sobriety Awareness Month. Alaska’s history with alcoholism and recovery runs deep, and three local recovery heroes join host Justin Williams to share their encouraging experiences.

Hometown Alaska: Meeting vaccine hesitancy one client at a time

Community Health Workers are relatively new to Alaska. They come from the communities they serve. They get specialized training in communication and health systems, and their mission is to help guide people toward the health care they need.

Hometown Alaska: The Fairview Rec Center has more to offer than you might think

many years. The team behind the center bring a shining light into Fairview, and the recent inclusion of a new indoor playground is sure to leave an even brighter legacy for its residents. This episode discusses the impact, history, and legacy of the Center.
The book cover of “Black History in the Last Frontier” by Ian Hartman.

Hometown Alaska: Black history and education in Alaska

diversity in Alaska, and raise the standard for how we observe and celebrate black culture?
Three students in front of yellow lockers

Hometown Alaska: Teens talk about coping with COVID

On this week's Hometown Alaska, Anchorage teens describe how they have suffered, endured, and even grown through living under the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll hear...
The Seawolf logo outside of the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union.

Hometown Alaska: The UAA Women’s basketball program succeeds through mayhem and more

The UAA Women’s basketball program is elite. Conference champs, sweet 16 appearances, perennial national championship contender, and of course - mayhem! What makes them so successful? How much attention are they getting locally, and nationally? Should they be getting more attention given their success? And what does the future hold for UAA basketball?

Hometown Alaska: Hear how these Anchorage arts organizations adapted to the pandemic

Andrea Noble, executive director of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, has one word for the Alaska artists and arts organizations now tackling...

Hometown Alaska: Hear how one Anchorage entrepreneur manages work and motherhood during the pandemic

The gig economy isn’t exactly a new income stream for individuals, but the paradigm shift of the market due to COVID and other factors have launched gig work and entrepreneurship into an undeniable macrolevel behemoth. One artist and businesswoman shares her story of how she established her brand to The Last Frontier and how we can support self-employed creatives.

Community groups meet Covid vaccine hesitancy with trusted voices and accurate information

January 2022 marks the world's third year working to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic. For many different and valid reasons, people hesitate to get vaccinated....

Hometown Alaska: Food is love without the words. So what do you cook and eat with the ones you love?

Arguments over mandates, pandemic death, disruptive politics, climate change disasters. We've seen them all this year; we're worn out. The battles and struggles will...

Hometown Alaska: You might have noticed a lot of Filipino health care workers in Alaska. Here’s why.

If you’ve ever been to a hospital or a medical clinic or some type of medical facility, which most of us probably have, you may have noticed that a lot of health care workers are Filipino. They can be doctors, or home care providers, or some type of health care worker, but most of them are nurses. This is not just your imagination, as statistics show that Filipino nurses do compose the largest share of immigrant nurses in the United States. In fact, the Philippines is the world’s biggest supplier of nurses.

Hometown Alaska: From dog poop to plastics – what can you really compost and recycle in Anchorage?

UPDATE: Since the recycling/composting program aired Monday morning, here's a bit of useful info for Mat-Su Valley residents interested in curbside recycling. Alaska Waste...

Hometown Alaska: Native Heritage Month can bring complex emotions for Indigenous people. Here are three perspectives.

olks still commonly dress up in stereotypical Native costumes, and it is also when Thanksgiving happens, a holiday that is fraught with many problematic portrayals of history and Native Peoples. In this episode, we talk about these and many other relevant issues pertaining to Native Heritage Month.

Hometown Alaska: Despite the isolation, fan culture thrives in Anchorage

to escape the dark, chilly winters that conquer the final months of each year. The politics and popularity of film, comic, game, and novel franchises have brought folks together in ways we did not know possible, bringing a sense of irony to the isolated Last Frontier.

Hometown Alaska: Indigenous Peoples’ Day can be celebrated all year. Here’s how.

Indigenous Peoples' Day strikes the intersection of beauty and triumph, controversy and pain. Many have fought to reclaim its purpose and name from Columbus, to the people of the land he claimed to discover.

Hometown Alaska: Filipino history in Alaska runs deeper than you might expect.

The month of October has been recognized by the U.S. Congress and by several state legislatures as Filipino American History Month, to celebrate the long history of Filipinos in the United States. This episode focuses on Filipino Alaskan history, along with Filipino Alaskans’ many achievements and contributions.

LISTEN: Celebrating Recovery Month in Alaska

Addiction and recovery are two sides of a heavy coin. September is National Recovery Month, so this week on Hometown Alaska, we’ll learn how substance addiction contributes to recidivism and how to celebrate recovery and support sobriety and sober-curious lifestyles.
a person holds a bowl of butter garlic shrimp

LISTEN: Discussing food culture in Alaska

Alaska’s food and restaurant culture is a massive and ever-shifting adhesive for the local economy, serving and effecting both customers and business owners alike. But why is it so crucial? And how are local restaurant and food truck owners riding the wave back to success during COVID? Join host, Justin Williams, with two champions of the local restaurant community to discuss our food culture here in Alaska.

Listen: Finding the untapped talent in Alaska’s immigrants and refugees

immigrants and refugees make Alaska their home. How are new Alaskans adjusting? How can the government help in their transition? What are the ways through which immigrants and refugees enrich Alaska? Join host E.J. David for conversation about a collaborative community project called “Untapped Talent.”

New anthology: 25 years of Alaska women’s voices

On the latest Hometown Alaska, host Kathleen McCoy is speaking with the editors of a new anthology that collects the first 25 years of the journal “Alaska Women Speak."