Hometown, Alaska

Local guests discuss community issues and take listener calls during this LIVE call-in show. Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions and cultural groups. Hosted by Kathleen McCoy and Dr. E.J. David. If you have a topic that could be discussed on Hometown, Alaska send your suggestion to: hometown@alaskapublic.org

Hometown, Alaska: How to Create a Healthy Happy Home on Your Own

Managing a career, maintaining a home, affording daycare and raising a happy child - These are all things single parents have to deal with...

Hometown, Alaska: Coping With the Winter Ahead

What was your life like Monday morning when seven inches of snow hit Anchorage during morning rush hour? Were you thinking: Time for a...

How the Disability Law Center of Alaska serves

This is an independent, nonprofit law firm providing legal advocacy for people with disabilities anywhere in Alaska. It serves as the congressionally mandated "protection...

Is Alaska ready for its next health emergency?

Rebroadcast: First of two parts on emergency preparedness. This week, how is the state of Alaska prepared? Next week: How should you, private citizen, prepare? Thanks for listening!

Domestic violence and the Alaska justice system

KSKA: Wednesday, Nov. 16 @ 2 and 8 p.m. Alaska has an alarming rate of domestic violence. Victims do not have to navigate complex legal issues alone. On today's Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska, area experts will outline how the justice system works to protect the vulnerable. LISTEN NOW

RUNNING: Hear from Assembly candidates for East and South Anchorage

UPDATE: All candidates will participate by phone rather than gathering at Alaska Public Media studios, in response to social distancing requirements. Alaska Public Media’s...

Education Funding Activism

Gov. Sean Parnell has declared this year the education session the legislature, but if you are involved in schools in Anchorage you already know that education funding and policy are hot topics. On the next Hometown Alaska, host Charles Wohlforth will be joined by education activists to lead a community discussion on school funding and school choice. Should state funding increase, and should it be available to private and religious schools? KSKA: Wednesday, 3/12, 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

Healing and justice for victims of violent crimes

One week in the month of April 2021, the 18th-24th, is set aside to remember victims of violent crimes in communities across the United...

Unpacking the gift and power of women in the Alaska community

The YWCA of Alaska recently named its 31st cohort of Women of Achievement. On this edition of Hometown Alaska, we learn more about the...

What price for education?

We all want bright, young students to emerge from our public school system and become contributing citizens. But what is the right price tag for that goal? KSKA: Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 2 pm. and 8 pm. Download Audio

Anchorage prepares for budget cut impacts

On Wednesday, July 24, the mayor of Anchorage declared a short-term civil emergency in anticipation of the impacts from dramatic budget cuts to agencies...

How Alaska courts wrestle with COVID-19 constraints

Every American institution and most aspects of everyday life are impacted by efforts to quell the spread of the coronavirus. Public schools are closed....

Hometown Alaska: Opportunities for lifelong education with OLÉ!

Since 2007, OLÉ! has existed in Anchorage as a non-profit organization aimed at providing older Alaskans aged 50 and up an opportunity to continue their education in creative and engaging ways. This week on Hometown Alaska host Justin Williams dives into what the organization is, how it works and more.

Hometown Alaska: Staying active in recovery as winter approaches

This week on Hometown Alaska Tiffany Hall, executive director of Recover Alaska, and Dr. Vivian Gonzales, professor of psychology at UAA, join host Justin Williams to discuss the realities of Alaskan sobriety, and what it looks like to face recovery in the harsher months of the cold, dark winter.

Weighing in on a year of Anchorage public transit changes

In October 2017, the Municipality's transit department made big change in local transit. Now they have a report card on how it went during the first year. They want to hear from you. Join this conversation about the future of public transit in Anchorage. Thanks for listening!

Hey hikers, bikers, skiers: Here’s something you need to know

What you don't know about animal trapping in Alaska could hurt you or your pet. Thanks for listening!
A man in a police uniform smiles for a photo in front of flags

Hometown Alaska: A conversation with Anchorage Police Acting Chief Ken McCoy

APD's Acting Chief Ken McCoy joins host Kathleen McCoy for a conversation on the department's work in Anchorage, and more broadly, on modern policing — a public safety field that has come under increasing scrutiny as social media and video cameras have captured police at work.

Advocate and police union president discuss community policing

The tragic death of George Floyd beneath the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer, captured on video, has sparked national and global scrutiny...

Meet more next-gen business builders

Alaska is constantly moving toward it's non-oil based future. Entrepreneurs are a big part of that picture. Today, we talk with a handful of women entrepreneurs and their ideas for building a successful business in Alaska. Thanks for listening!

Hometown, Alaska: Discussing mental health awareness and suicide prevention

The stigmas and statistics of mental health awareness are important issues for Alaskans, especially as it relates to suicide prevention. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska host Justin Williams leads a conversation about how to discuss mental health and suicide prevention with Blaze Bell of Standing Together Against Rape and Recover Alaska as well as Shana Cooper of the Alaska Native Justice Center. They share their professional insight and personal experiences to explain how to approach these issues and share what resources are out there.