Transportation: What we have and what we want

KSKA: Tuesday, May 16 at 2pm. This week we’re featuring another panel discussion on transportation entitled “What we have and what we would like: Public and non-motorized or active transportation”. This is the second in a series of discussions being held on local transportation issues titled “From Here to the Future: Transforming Anchorage/Mat-Su Transportation”. LISTEN HERE

Decoding the Gas Line Project

KTOO and 360North in Juneau bring us a discussion on Alaska's budding gas pipeline project in an hourlong program called "Decoding the Gas Line Project." For years Alaskans have been talking about a natural gas pipeline. Now the Alaska LNG project has momentum and the state could become an owner. KSKA: Tuesday, April 1, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Image of Alaska Pipeline

Can’t decide on Ballot Measure 1? Listen to this debate on Alaska’s oil tax future

This week on Addressing Alaskans we're hearing a debate about Ballot Measure 1, the North Slope oil production tax increase initiative. Proponents say that oil companies need to pay their fair share, while those in opposition say increasing taxes would cost Alaska jobs.

Global LNG – A Shell View

A LNG pioneer, Shell will considerably increase production of Liquified Natural Gas in years to come. This week on Addressing Alaskans, Marta Jara from Shell Mexico discusses global markets for LNG, Shell's big picture priorities and the construction of a massive liquefied natural gas project in Australia that entails building the world's first floating LNG plant. KSKA: Thursday 1/12 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Second Chances: stories of hope, addiction and recovery

Second Chances: Stories of hope, addiction and recovery in Alaska

As part of National Recovery Month in September, Recover Alaska held a storytelling event where people in recovery shared their stories of overcoming addiction.  Thanks for listening!

Addressing Alaskans: FBI Operations in Foreign Countries

This week on Addressing Alaskans, listen to a talk given by former special agent with FBI Alaska, Kevin Fryslie (pictured right). In "FBI...

Alaskan Author Eowyn Ivey on the Importance of Books and Libraries

Since it was published in 2012, The Snow Child by Alaska's own Eowyn Ivey from Chickaloon has been published in many different languages and nominated for the Pulitzer prize. Following a international book tour, Eowyn returned home and met with the Anchorage Friends of the Library. This week on Addressing Alaskans, listen to her talk about how books and libraries shaped her life as a writer. KSKA: Tuesday 12/3 at 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm Listen Now

Hear how Alaska’s own Ninja Warrior tackles life’s obstacles

This week on Addressing Alaskans we're hearing from Nick ‘Iligutchiak’ Hanson, better known as " The Eskimo Ninja" from the T.V. show "American Ninja Warrior." Hanson was the first Inuit to compete on the physically demanding show requiring contestants to maneuver through a high-tech obstacle course. His experiences growing up around substance abuse and mental illness in rural Alaska made him want to share his story, bridge cultural divides, and inspire the next generation.

The Arctic Council: Promoting Cooperation, Coordination & Interaction Among the Arctic States

Thursday, August 25 @ 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm As trade and shipping routes open in the Arctic, oil exploration expands and questions of climate change arise, cooperation in the Arctic becomes increasingly more important. This week on Addressing Alaskans, learn more about the Arctic Council, the only intergovernmental forum devoted entirely to the Arctic.

Arabs & Muslims: What Alaskans Should Know

This week on Addressing Alaskans, award-winning Egyptian-American playwright Yussef El Guindi will discuss perceptions of Arabs and Muslims in the media as seen through the lens of an Arab-American. KSKA: Tuesday, 3/4 at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

Hear Anchorage mayoral candidates discuss youth issues in this virtual forum

On Tuesday, April 6, Anchorage voters will choose the city's mayor. The next person to hold the office faces the continued COVID-19 pandemic, a struggling economy, and other new and legacy city issues.

Addressing Alaskans: Governor Sean Parnell

Before the legislative session in Juneau comes to a close, on April 1 at a lunch hosted by Commonwealth ...

Bettye Davis African American Summit: Education Forum | Addressing Alaskans

This discussion focuses on education and how it relates to the theme of the summit – “Marching till Equity, Equality & Justice is Won!”

Addressing Alaskans: Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2023 Economic Forecast

This episode of Addressing Alaskans features the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2023 economic forecast. We hear reports on  jobs and employment, housing, consumer optimism, and business confidence. We’ll also hear about Choose Anchorage, a framework intended to revitalize the city.

Addressing Alaskans: Jerene Mortensen

Jerene Mortensen, mother of Three Cups of Tea and Stones in Schools author, Greg Mortensen recently moved to Anchorage in December 2009. Since arriving,...

Journey of a Reentrant

KSKA: Tuesday, September 12, at 2:00 p.m. In Alaska, two out of three people who are released from prison end up going back in. The impacts of recidivism go beyond just the former prisoner to their families and the entire community. During the One Course Discourse discussion at Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage, the DOC worked with a group of community partners to share their stories of successful reentry and how the community can support people as they exit prison. LISTEN HERE

The Arab Spring: Geography, History and Religion Shape a Vital Region

Ambassador Edward Peck atop the Hilton Anchorage for the Alaska World Affairs Council luncheon on Oct. 21. Photo and audio recording by Will Theurer, Alaska World Affairs Council. "Perception is everything," according to Edward Peck, former U.S. diplomat in Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt . "In our country people are unable to understand the importance of trying to get a grasp on the perceptions of those people over there," said Peck at the Alaska World Affairs Council on October 21. Listen to his talk entitled, "The Arab Spring: Geography, History and Religion Shape a Vital Region" this week on Addressing Alaskans. KSKA: Thursday 10/27 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

A Forum with Alaska’s Candidates for Lieutenant Governor

This week on Addressing Alaskans, Alaska lieutenant gubernatorial candidates Hollis French, Lesil McGuire, Dan Sullivan, and Bob Williams field questions in a forum discussing each candidate's vision for the future of Alaska. KSKA: Tuesday, May 13, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

Addressing Alaskans: Governor Sean Parnell

Upon Sarah Palin's resignation, Sean Parnell became Alaska's 12th governor on July 26, 2009. In his short time as Governor, Parnell has expressed strong...